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  • Confessions of a language addict (new WordPress blog) – Thoughts on language, language learning and the process of becoming a polyglot. One of the longest running language blogs.
  • Learn a language – Posts on language, linguistics and study methods.
  • Omniglot – the blog – One language is never enough.
  • Polyglot dreams – Too many languages, too many programs, not enough time!
  • Cunning linguist – Adventures in multilingualism.
  • Tower of confusion – “Come, let us go down and confuse their language” – Gen 11:7
  • Language geek 1 – Linguistics, languages and culture.
  • Language geek 2 – Just blogging about my language geekery.
  • Kelly’s languages – Studying 8 languages.
  • In pursuit of language and culture – Pulacu for you and me.
  • Behind the curtain – from accomplished speaker of several Asian languages.
  • Babelhut – A blog devoted to language and language learning.
  • Can you speak – Languages and cultural differences explored.
  • Language lovers – Resources for language learners and translators/interpreters.
  • The Linguist Blogger – shares people’s thoughts on language and language learning.
  • Learn a language or two – the blogger’s progress / thoughts on language learning.
  • Extreme language learning – methods and ideas; focusing on natural language acquisition.
  • Linglot – language learning methods, resources, language issues, polyglots and more.
  • Bringing up baby bilingual – Resource reviews and recommendations, language activities, profiles of bilingual and multilingual families, and reflections, anxieties, and whimsy from a non-native speaker teaching French to her son.
  • Foreign Language Blog – Language news and advice on learning languages, with specific articles on foreign language education in the U.S.A.
  • Brooklyn Monk in Asia – Interesting, long posts on language learning theory, immersion, living abroad and martial arts.
  • Polyglottally Speaking – A blog about multi-lingualism and (multi/inter) culturalism.
  • Street-Smart Language Learning – New blog with a variety of topics, including teaching kids languages, language education, language materials, vocabulary etc.
  • LexiBlog  – Interesting blog comparing languages, guest articles on learning languages, language links, vocabulary & phrases and culture.
  • The Struggling Linguist  – learning languages, raising multilingual children, living in a foreign country and recommendations.
  • 37 Languages  – a guy trying out 37 languages before settling on the perfect one. Gives a brief overview of each language.
  • Language Museum  – Blog about linguistics, language related news, translation, learning tips, the author’s personal progress etc.
  • Fluent in 3 months  – Unconventional language learning tips from Benny the Irish polyglot – travelling the world to learn languages to fluency.
  • Language Fixation  – Posts about specific languages, the author’s progress, tips learning languages, motivation, SRS and learning techniques.
  • Omniglot Blog  – Blog about the author’s language learning, word etymologies, guess the mystery language quizzes, language news and more.
  • Language Trainers UK – linguistics, learning languages, ESL, culture, tips and more.
  • Foreign Language Mastery – Language learning tips, reviews of language materials, and interviews with language experts.
  • Learn2Lingo –  language learning tips, specific languages, business, culture and more.
  • Apprendre les langues – Des ressources multiples en ligne et hors ligne.
  • Yearlyglot – learning 1 new language a year, with strong views on how to learn a language.
  • Lingua Frankly – a serious approach to language learning and teaching methods, minority languages etc.
  • Damian Gryski – Blog of a language learner about the different learning methods he is trying out, language progress, opinions on other polyglot’s methodologies, resource reviews and more.
  • Syzygy onLanguage   – Musings on foreign language learning by the man behind ‘The Polyglot Project’.
  • Dorian Wacquez – Connecting the world through language exploration. Focuses on Japanese, Korean, Spanish and teaching English.
  • Page F30 – Lengthy, interesting posts about language learning and many other subjects such as science, technology and politics.
  • Create your World Books – Blog about language learning, music and travel.
  • Mainly Magyar The challenge to learn foreign languages from an English-speaker’s perspective. Posts about the multilingual author’s language learning, starting with Hungarian and on to Arabic, Mandarin & Korean.
  • KanzilinguaLots of articles about learning languages, specific languages, studying abroad, foreign literature etc. and reviews of language learning materials


“Language Notes” – Tips in Language Acquisition  (articles at SEND U)

Evan Parks starting writing “Language Notes” in 2003. He reviewed them again recently and says that he still stands by what he said after all these years. He tries to provide a mixture of encouragement, language learning technique, and ideas about how the mind works to learn new information. He hopes others will find them useful.    (will be posted here soon)
Language Notes 1 – Summary: Never give up. Use four basic tools: phonetics/listening, grammar, talking, recording/reviewing. Build a wide foundation early on. Pick a project and see it through to the end. Never give up.
Language Notes 2 – Summary: 1. Your memory is delicate. Without rest, exercise, and a balanced life, it is hard for your memory to work at its optimal level. 2. We all get discouraged. Some of us are discouraged long enough that it begins to lead to other more serious symptoms. If even the thought of clipping your fingernails seems like a lot of work, something that needs to be planned when you have enough energy to do it, well, maybe you are discouraged with a capital 3. Everything you do on a daily basis, learn how to say it in your new language. Learn about 15 different daily routines and keep adding to them over the years.
Language Notes 3 – Summary: Language must be learned in context. To do this, try building conversations around common services, talk with helpers, ask questions about things to which you already know the answer, play games.
Language Notes 4 – Summary: Never give up. When you cannot grasp a difficult concept, put it aside and come back to it later. Use words in context. Limit computer time.
Language Notes 5 – Summary: Take responsibility for your own language learning. Includes four ideas for using a recorder in your language learning.
Language Notes 6 – Summary: Language learning needs to be your new life-long habit.
Language Notes 7 – Summary: Memorize literature in the language.
Language Notes 8 – Summary: Take breaks. Memorize common phrases from the Bible. Write short prayers based on passages of Scripture.
Language Notes 9 – Summary: Work at forming lasting friendships with the people in your new context. Keep a running list of news words and phrases.
Language Notes 10 – Summary: Read a children’s picture dictionary in the language. Write a daily journal in the language and ask someone to correct it for you.