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Athens, History of
Brief review of the Maritime History of the Aegean
Greek nationalism, the “Megale Idea” and Venizelism to 1923
Greek Revolution 1821 – 1829
Macedonia: The Historical Profile of Northern Greece
The Greek Revolution and the Greek State
The Sophists
Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection at the California State University, Sacramento Library
Warfare in the Greek World Links and bibliography.

Primary Documents

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Greece
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Hellenic World
Ancient Greece
Greek and Roman Materials.
CEFAEL: Collections de l’École française d’Athenes en ligne


Classical Greece: 500-323 BC (Short Oxford History of Europe) by Robin Osborne (Nov 2, 2000)

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Greek culture
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Greece: Appointment Alert! Making appointments
Greece: Business Dress Guidelines for business dress
Greece: Conversation Welcome topics of conversation
Greece: First Name or Title? Addressing others with respect
Greece: Gift Giving Selecting and presenting an appropriate business gift
Greece: Let’s Make a Deal! What you should know before negotiating
Greece: Prosperous Entertaining Entertaining for business success
Greece: Public Behaviour Acceptable public conduct

Guhl, Ernest and Wilhelm Koner Greeks Their Life and Customs ( – May 31, 1994)
Broome, Benjamin J. Exploring the Greek Mosaic : A Guide to Intercultural Communication in Greece

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Greece: National Statistical Service of Greece


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Ministry of Foreign Affairs




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