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Catalan culture
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At Executive Planet

Spain: Appointment Alert! – Part 1 Making appointments
Spain: Appointment Alert! – Part 2 Holidays, vacations, and punctuality
Spain: Business Dress Guidelines for business dress
Spain: Conversation Welcome topics of conversation
Spain: First Name or Title? Addressing others with respect
Spain: Gift Giving Selecting and presenting an appropriate business gift
Spain: Let’s Make a Deal! – Part 1 What you should know before negotiating
Spain: Let’s Make a Deal! – Part 2 Further advice on negotiating
Spain: Let’s Make a Deal! – Part 3 Further points on negotiating
Spain: Let’s Make a Deal! – Part 4 Some final remarks
Spain: Prosperous Entertaining – Part 1 Entertaining for business success
Spain: Prosperous Entertaining – Part 2 Home entertaining and dinner etiquette
Spain: Prosperous Entertaining – Part 3 Cuisine in Spain
Spain: Public Behaviour – Part 1 Acceptable public conduct
Spain: Public Behaviour – Part 2 More valuable tips
Spain: Public Behaviour – Part 3 Some final remarks

Spanish culture

Ames, Helen Wattley. Spain is Different (Second Edition). Intercultural Press, Yarmouth, Maine 1992
Hutchison, Tamara. When in Spain. The Little Book to Avoid Big Mistakes. Walsworth Publishing Company. 1992
Stanton, Edward F. Culture and Customs of Spain (Culture and Customs of Europe) ( – April 30, 2002)

Demographics / Needs

National Institute of Statistics
Basque Countries: Basque Statistical Office


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The Catalan Immersion Program: A European Point of View (Contemporary Studies in Second Language Learning) by Josep M. Artigal (Jan 1, 1991)




Church, Religion And Society In Early Modern Spain by Helen Rawlings ( – Jul 19, 2002)


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El Mundo
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