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Early Swiss History

Prehistory, Lake-dwellings
History of the Helvetians
Switzerland during the Age of Romans
Aventicum, Switzerland’s Old Capital
Switzerland during the Middle Ages

Old Swiss History

Old Swiss Confederacy (1291 – 1515)
The Legend of William Tell
Swiss National Hero
Reformation: Zwingli, Calvin, Farel

The Formation of Modern Switzerland

Swiss Revolution and Helvetic Republic (1798-1815)
The Federal Constitution (1848)
Switzerland’s Political System: Direct Democracy
Women’s Right to Vote

Recent Swiss History

Second World War (1939 – 1945)
seen from a Swiss perspective
Spiritual Defense (1933 – 1945)
Economic Dependence and Rationing
Neutrality during World War II
Jewish Refugees (1933 – 1945)
Looted Jewish Assets (1933 – 1945)
Beromünster: a legendary AM radio station

Primary Documents

The Early Germanic Kingdoms
Holy Roman Empire: Frederick II and After

Geography / Maps

Mission Atlas Project – Europe (click on country to right)
Switzerland Maps at Perry-Castaneda Map Collection at the University of Texas
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Swiss culture
From Culture of Switzerland

At Executive Planet

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