Money and Missions

NOTE: many of the following deal with financial Dependency but not all, for Support raising see ISSUES & TRENDS > PRACTICAL HELPS
Sites (almost exclusively on the topic of dependence–TONS of articles to download)


Missions & Money (also webpage with other dependency articles)
Recovering the Economics of the Lamb: Affluence in Mission as an Eschatological Problem, Leonard Allen.

Sherwood, John. “The Missionary’s Lifestyle.” Evangelical Missions Quarterly 35:3 (July 1999): 334-37.
Smith, Donald K. “Reviewing the Place of Western Missionaries for the Third Millennium.” Evangelical Missions Quarterly 35:1 (January 1999): 56-61.


Bonk, Jonathan J. Missions And Money: Affluence as a Missionary Problem… Revisited 2007 272 pages

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