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Recommended by Relational Fundraising is a place where you can have a fundraising web page for free to raise money for projects you can find out what your asking style is plus other resources tools and resources for raising support – you can create a budget here, online, store it online, and use it to help manage your money. – many good resources and information (U.K.)

– a free budget and expenses worksheet created by a missionary.



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From Ask a (great site by the way)

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Recommended by Relational Fundraising

‘Funding Your Ministry’ (whether you’re gifted or not) by Scott Morton, NavPress – Website Scott Morton

‘Daring to Live on the Edge: The Adventure of Faith and Finances’ by Loren Cunningham (Founder of Youth With A Mission)

‘Friend Raising: Building a Missionary Support Team that Lasts’ by Betty Barnett, a YWAMer

‘Funding the Family Business’ by Myles Wilson – Website Myles Wilson

‘The Spirituality of Fundraising’ by Henri Nouwen – Website Henri Nouwen

‘Serving as Senders Today’ by Neal Pirolo – for church mission committees, home front teams,
etc.  Website Neal Pirolo

‘Wealth, Riches and Money’ by Craig Hill and Earl Pitts – a biblical understanding of God’s purposes for money, how we are influenced by the spirit of mammon, how to live within a “closed budget”.

‘Money, Possessions and Eternity’ by Randy Alcorn – more biblical
understanding! –
Website Randy Alcorn

‘Self-supporting Ministry’ by Kevin Colyer, a YWAMer.

‘The God Ask’ by Steve Shadrach

Sample fund raising letters see and download samples
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