Center for the Study of Global Christianity
Christian Futures Network
Christian Research
Equipping the Saints

EUROSTAT – Statistical Office of the European Communities
Global Mapping International
Global Recordings Network
Global Status of Evangelical Christianity (IMB)
Human Development Index

International Statistical Agencies (Census Bureau) Links to the web Sites for foreign government statistical agencies No annotations
Joshua Project
Legatum Prosperity Index
Operation World Database – Operational World Professional DVD-ROM
UN Databases
World Bank Database
World Factbook

World Christian Database

Mapping Sites

Diva GIS (Free software)
EP3 Church Mapping Software
ERSI (Global market leader in GIS)
Map Factory
Map Maker (Free software) .
Mission Atlas Project
PhilCarto (Free software)
QGIS – Free open source mapping software –


“Research Assisted Missions: A Rationale,” Ed Mathews. Abilene Christian University
Status of Global Mission 2007: An Annual Update By Todd Johnson overview of global missions 2007.
The 10/40 Window: Getting To The Core Of The Core, from AD2000 & Beyond’s archived web site.
If The World Were A Village Of 100 People
Joshua Project: People Group Numbers



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