Web Evangelism

Sites (Tony Whittaker – great how to site)
SOON Ministries Online Evangelism Guide
Top Chrétien: French Christian Internet Portal.
American Tract Society – Internet Evangelism


Need Him Answers common questions about faith for people in every walk of life. Those who want to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ, or who are interested in learning more, can connect with someone online or through a 24-hour call-in service.
Jesus Central Credible, powerful, and educational. This impressive website helps people from all cultural and spiritual backgrounds study Jesus of Nazareth, the person. It offers relevant learning for people of all ages, as well as a place to connect and dialogue with others about Jesus.
God Speaks Presents the Good News of Jesus Christ through stories, testimonies, audio messages, and clearly answered questions about faith. Simple, lucid, and relevant.
Lee Strobel This website is packed with helpful material, including hundreds of great videos and newsletters. Find answers to your faith questions from more than a dozen top Christian speakers, authors, evangelists, and professors.


At (all annotations theirs)

The following Articles cover various topics in cybermissions with the aim of equipping you to set-up your own cross-cultural online ministry. Also see our Cybermissions Search Engine

Presentations, by John Edmiston for the Internet Ministry Conference At Grand Rapids, Michigan

Starting On A Shoe-String  How to get started in Internet Ministry on a very small budget and still be highly effective for the Lord. Tips on planning, designing and marketing your website, things to do and to avoid, and help with funding. PowerPoint format.
The Edges of Cyberspace How to reach ‘the next billion Internet users’ who will come online in the next two to three years as cellphones, PDAs and other devices become Internet capable. They will mainly be from the developing world, have incomes between $2000 – $5000 per year and not have cars, computers or landlines but will use mobile devices and Internet cafes. Incredibly challenging!! PowerPoint format

Getting the idea

Overview of Cybermissions journal article
How Internet Evangelism & Cybermissions Will Affect The Way We Do Missions In The 21st Century
Overview of Cybermissions – Powerpoint
The Missionary Society of 2020
Internet Evangelism Guide
Cybermissions.Org PowerPoint Presentation (1.4 MB)
MishMash – Mission webmasters discussion list.

Doing some Research

The 43 Most Suitable Nations For Cybermissions
Understanding Islam
Bibles In Many Languages & Bible Study Resources
Free Christian Software
Asian Internet Bible Institute

The Local Church

How A Local Church Can Have A Global Presence Through Cybermissions 
Online-Offline Synergies That Dramatically Increase Evangelistic Effectiveness
60+ Tips For Effective Church WebSites


Web Marketing Checklist For Ministry (is a pdf file)
Recruitment Poster For Cybermissions (tongue-in-cheek)

Online Security

Missionary Safety
An Online Survival Guide For Christians Who Use The Internet

Theology and the Future

Towards A Theology Of Technology (PowerPoint) (a presentation given at ICCM 2007)
A Few Questions About Theology Of The Internet (10 minute MP3 audio file)
Proposal For A Postgraduate Course in Cyber-Missions and Internet Evangelism
Socio-Technical Humanity :  Technology As Part Of The Image Of God And Task Of The Church

CyberChurch: Can You Really Have An Internet Church?  

PowerPoint  PDF   ODP
The Need For Cybermissions Partnerships
Techno-Spiritual Quotes
Missions Information Systems
Evangelistic Internet Cafes


Project Discernment Sheet

Other Links

Training In Cybermissions
Asian Internet Bible Institute


Brasher, Brenda E. Give Me That Online Religion Jossey-Bass (A Wiley Company) ISBN 078794579X.



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