bibletraining.comTo extend non-formal theological training to the world’s untrained pastors and church leaders”

World Evangelical Theological Institute Association   (WETIA)  (see their recommendations below)


The Challenge to Theological Education by John B. Cobb, Jr. The deep changes needed in our world cannot occur without the self-reform of major institutions, most of which are inherently conservative and resistant to change. The church is one such institution. However, some of the smaller institutions affiliated with the church may be in position to bring about change, and theological seminaries are among the most important of them. (annotation from site)
Missiology in a Pluralistic World: The Place of Mission Study in Theological Education by Lalsangkima Pachuau The author explores and analyzes various concepts of mission and missiology. The early Western missionary movement, generally speaking, aimed foremost at the saving of the souls from eternal damnation. Mission as expansion of Christendom through conversion and church growth was a dominant view during the Western colonial period. Then came the concept of missio dei, in which Christian mission was understood as Christian participation in God’s mission. But this was too broad: “If everything is mission, nothing is mission.” Instead, he proposes using “witness across religious boundaries” as the defining principle of mission and as the integrating principle of missiology, and he explores the implications of this defining hub for the future of theological study. (annotation from site)


Conn,Harvie M. and Samuel F. Rowen Missions and Theological Education in World Perspective – 1984 … Christian … Cover title: Missions & theological education in world perspective. – About this book

Lingenfelter, Judith and Sherwood   Teaching Cross-Culturally: An Incarnational Model for Learning and Teaching


From the World Evangelical Theological Institute Association   (WETIA)  great site for theological education resources.    Their recommendations:

Education Resources

Educator’s Reference Desk

Evangelical Training Database
A searchable Internet database listing evangelical pastoral, theological and missionary training courses in all countries.

A gateway to scholarly Internet resource collections.

Instructional Management Systems
A global learning consortium of more than 1,600 colleges and universities and 150 corporations that aims to develop an open architecture for online learning. IMS was the original sponsor of SCORM.

A free resource centre and a forum on evangelical theological education

Theology Degrees Online
A guide to online theology degree programs

Higher Education

American Theological Library Association

Auburn Center for the Study of Theological Education

Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)

International Council for Evangelical Theological Education is a global community, sponsored by eight continental & regional networks of theological schools.

United States Department of Education, Accrediting Agency Evaluation Branch

Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion

WOCATI: World Conference of Associations of Theological Institutions

Libraries of Interest

Canada’s National Database

British Libraries

International directory of academic, public, and other library web pages and catalogs

University of British Columbia


American Society of Missiology
The North American professional organization for missiologists

Billy Graham Center Archives

Henry Martyn Center, Cambridge University

The Internet Mission Photography Archive
A database of mission photographs from repositories in Britain, continental Europe, and North America with more than 2,000 photographs dating from the 19th century to World War II.

International Association for Mission Studies

Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization

Library of Congress Country Studies

MisLinks: A Web-Based Missions Directory

Mission Resource Directory

Mundus Gateway to British Periodicals on Missions
An extensive data base on British mission periodicals in British libraries

Overseas Ministries Study Center
OMSC publishes the International Bulletin of Missionary Research, the leading mission journal in English.
The journal is indexed at this site. There is also information on seminars and workshops, including the January “Seminar for Seminarians.”

World Missions Atlas Project (WorldMAP)
A project to “create maps of languages and people groups for each country of the world while linking appropriate missions related data. The status of each language and people group is evaluated with regards to the Jesus Film and Bible translation as well as their current level of exposure to the gospel message.”


Internet Resources for the Study and Teaching of Theology
Annotated list of Internet resources relating to theological studies

Theological Research Exchange Network
(TREN) A source for theses/ dissertations in theological studies in North America

Theology Through the Arts (University of Cambridge and University of St. Andrew’s)

Other Subject Directories

Academic Info

Librarians’ Index to the Internet
the LII is a well-organized, selective, and continually updated collection maintained by a large number of indexers in California.



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