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Business as Mission & the End of Poverty

At integra

“Ten Senses” Fair Trade Shops By Bob Kuhlman
Business as Mission: The Lasaunne Group By Mats Tunehag, Wayne McGee, and Josie Plummer
God Means Business! By Bob Kuhlman
Is Business as Mission Mixing Oil and Water? By Bob Kuhlman


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Mats Tunehag


International Journal of Frontier Missions

TENTMAKING I Volume 14:3, 1997
Editorial, Hans M. Weerstra,
Tentmaking State of the Art, Carol Clarke
The Kumbaran of India, Mission To Unreached Peoples
The Tentmaker’s Mandate, David J. Price
The Tentmaking Movement in Historical Perspective, John Cox
The Tentmaker’s Vision, Berit Helgoy Kloster
The Vital Role of Tentmaking in Paul’s Mission Strategy, Ruth E. Siemens
The Place of the Local Church in Tentmaking, Danny D. Martin
Training: Endurance Food for Serious Tentmakers, Derek Christensen
Successful Tentmaking Depends on Mission Agencies, Christy Wilson, Jr.
Mission Perspective of a Tentmaking Agency, David M. Hupp and Danny D. Martin
Tentmaking in India, E. David Chaldran

TENTMAKING II Volume 15:1, 1998
Editorial, Kenneth Smith,
Tentmaking and Partnership, Phill Butler
Shrewd yet Innocent: Thoughts on Tentmaking Integrity, Robert Morris
Business Power for God’s Purpose, Heinz Suter and Marco Gmur
How Business is Integral to Tentmaking, Dwight Nordstrom and Jim Nielsen
Teaching, Tents and Telling the Good News, Sabrina Wong
Strategic Impact Through Multiplying Modular Business, David Hagen
The Internet:Tentmaker’s Coffeeshop for the Nineties, Doug Lucas




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