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Billings, J. ToddWhat Makes a Church Missional? Freedom from cultural captivity does not mean freedom from tradition.| Christianity Today online posted 3/05/2008 09:36AM
Rozko, J.R. Restoring Hope to the Church in Western Culture: Exploring the Relationship Between Culture, Theology, and the Church(2006) 374 page academic paper, Fuller Theological Seminary.

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Characteristics of Missional Church
Comparing Attractional and Missional
From the Heart of a Missional Evangelist
House Church Movement is Missional
Images of Missional
Key Transitions in Church Systems in the Next 10-15 Years
Leadership – Part 1
Leadership – Part 2
Leadership – Part 3
Leadership – Part 4
Leadership and the Missional Church
Marks of a Missional Church
Michael Frost on Missional Church
Michael Frost on Missional Church (Part 2)
Missional Apologetics
Missional Evangelism
Pastors Not Sold On Being Missional
The Four Missional Mandates!
The Tension between the “Pastoral Context” and the “Missional Context”
Understanding Missional: Personalizing the Central Tenets
What I Mean When I Say “Emerging-Missional” Church


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Mission Shaped Church – Church Planting & Fresh Expressions of Church in a Changing ContextAnglican Communion (UK only)
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Newbigin, Lesslie. The Open Secret – An Introduction to the Theology of Mission (Eerdmans)
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