Immigrant Outreach


Mostly from SENDu  (a must see page on missions resources)

General Resources

  • Strangers Next Door: Immigration, Migration and Mission by J. D. Payne is a second helpful resource. “As we understand and embrace the fact that the least-reached people groups now reside in (and continue to migrate to) Western countries, churches have unprecedented opportunites to freely share the gospel with them. This book includes practical guidelines for doing crosscultural missions and developing a global strategy of mission.”
  • Crossroads of the Nations by Jared Looney is a good basic book for those interested in Diaspora Ministry. It deals with the mega themes of globalization, urbanization and migration which are transforming global missions. These changes are blurring the boundaries between local and global outreach presenting both new opportunities and challenges. The author paints a picture of evangelism and Church planting in our urban and global world through actual accounts and tells a story of transnational missions impacting our world.
  • Discovery Bible Study (DBS) Tools and tips for multiplying disciples through a simple, reproducible approach.
  • More Disciples resources on DBS’s and Disciple Making Movements (DMM).
  • DMM Collaborative resource sharing on DMM’s..
  • Brigada provides resources, trend analysis, and encouragement for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.
  • Association of Christians Ministering to Internationals has training and resources for ministry among internationals.
  • Diaspora Coalition has helpful resources and tools for Diaspora Ministry.
  • EveryInternational provides free video courses and stories as well as other resources to help you engage and share the love of Jesus with international students, refugees, and immigrants in North America.
  • Friends for Dinner is an initiative taken by local churches and Christians ministries. The goal is to connect local families with international students in order to show them Canadian hospitality and build friendships.


  • Resources for answering students’ questions in 35 languages, EveryStudent.
  • ISI’s M28 adaptation of the DBS approach to multiplying disciples among students through Discovery Bible Studies.
  • Ethnic to Ethnic Ministries provides tools for the nations to reach out to other nations.
  • Serving God in a Migrant Crisis: Ministry to People on the Move is a valuable resource on ministering to refugees, recommended by James Aberin of PSC.
  • Scattered: The Filipino Global Presence, Edited by Luis Pantoja, Sadiri Joy Tira, Enoch Wan, Life Change Publishers, Manila 2004. This is the book that was distributed at the Lausanne Meeting in Pattaya and used to launch Diaspora Missiology through the Lausanne Congress in Cape Town. Theological and missiological study on Diaspora is important and the practical reports and stories from around the world facing the diaspora is inspiring.

Statistics and Trends

  • Joshua Project statistics and helpful information on Unreached People Groups (UPG’s) worldwide.
  • Statistical Atlas gives USA information on languages spoken and nationality to name a few with graphs, charts and maps to help with strategy analysis by state, county or city.

Diaspora Missiology

Resources from the Lausanne Movement