Trip Stuff: Stuff you need to know about Doing Mission Trips in Your Church by David Mays

TEAM – Free Guide: How to Prepare for Your Missions Trip

Equipped to Go


Anachronism and Adventurism: Recent Mission Trends by Raymond DeHainaut The author examines the implications of the rising number of short-term volunteers engaged in mission, in particular the results of their often inadequate training in cross-cultural understanding. (annotation from site)
How Short-Term Missions Can Go Wrong by Glenn Schwartz
Short-term Efforts And Long-term Effects Ed Mathews. Abilene Christian University
Short-Term Mission Trips by Paul Jeffrey If we from the North are to open up our own spiritual and theological lives to refreshment from the South, we must get close to the people who ask the question: “Who is God for us?” (annotation from site)

An American’s Guide to Short-Term Missions (Adobe PDF)

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Missions and the Stewardship of Western Missions Money (Adobe PDF)

The Internship Menu (Adobe PDF)

At (A blog by Seth Barnes on Short Term missions) very interesting writing by someone with Adventures in Missions and experience since 1975 on or leading short term teams)

10 Relationship guidelines on mission projects (6/25/2006)
5 Lessons from my worst short-term mission project (11/5/2007)
Are short-term missions becoming faddish? (2/22/2007)
Confessions of a youth minister seeking good STMs (3/10/2007)
Contingency planning on a short-term trip (7/27/2006)
Cost-me-nothing missions (5/29/2007)
Debriefing #10 – Untangling lies from the truth (6/21/2006)
Debriefing #9 – Debriefing sharpens our spiritual sight (6/21/2006)
Debriefing (part 3 – why do it?) (6/14/2006)
Debriefing (part 4 – areas to cover) (6/15/2006)
Debriefing (part 5 – 30 questions to ask) (6/16/2006)
Debriefing (part 6 – how debriefs make a difference) (6/18/2006)
Debriefing resources (7/1/2006)
Debriefing: #7 – Different ways to debrief (6/19/2006)
Debriefing: #8 – Why debriefing is so important (6/20/2006)
Debriefing: Part 5 – Re-entry patterns (6/17/2006)
Evening ministry chaos on my project (12/20/2006)
Excellence in short-term missions (11/16/2006)
Excellent mission team prep (2/24/2007)
Finding translators for mission projects (12/21/2006)
Floyd McClung on debriefing (3/11/2007)
Here’s an effective model of short-term missions (12/19/2006)
How to communicate on a mission project (11/15/2007)
How to debrief your mission team (part 1 – overview) (6/13/2006)
How to debrief your mission team (part 2 – biblical perspective) (6/14/2006)
How to follow up on your mission project (2/26/2007)
Life can be a Luke 10 adventure (1/13/2008)
Limits of a U.S.-based mission trip (3/15/2007)
Minimizing risk on a mission project (6/24/2006)
Mixed motives require a bait and switch (8/14/2006)
My worst project – Lesson 1: Picking the wrong leaders (11/6/2007)
My worst project – Lesson 2: Not matching setup to the expectations (11/8/2007)
My worst project – Lesson 3: Poor planning (11/9/2007)
My worst project – Lesson 4: Poor team preparation (11/10/2007)
Our petty complaints (7/3/2007)
Project leaders need to realize they’re on-stage (12/23/2006)
Short-term missions in Time magazine (8/4/2007)
Short-term missions should be about relationships (12/18/2006)
Short-term missions should mobilize you for the kingdom (12/16/2006)
Short-term missions: Are one-week projects bad? (12/17/2006)
The dangers of dependency on a mission trip (part 1) (3/12/2007)
The dangers of dependency on a mission trip (part 2) (3/13/2007)
The dangers of dependency on a mission trip (part 3) (3/14/2007)
The future of short-term missions (5/4/2006)
Two roles of a mission project leader (6/11/2006)
VBS ladies – the pros and cons (12/22/2006)
What does an excellent mission project look like? (2/23/2007)

At (Great site, tons of Articles a few selected Articles)

Crossing cultural barriers

Ten commandments for short term missions
Kwast’s model of culture (animated diagram and explanation )
Surviving culture stress and shock
10 ways to ruin a short term mission experience
Can elephants and mice dance together? — A parable from Africa on how American short termers can be perceived overseas
Cross-cultural understanding milestones
Cultural bingo
Language learning alphabet (handout for session at Cross-Cultural Orientation seminar)

Spiritual preparation for short term missions

Dear “Youth in Mission” – a letter of encouragement
Preparing yourself to witness: Spiritual conversation openers
Foundations: Biblical motives for missionary outreach and historic missions slogans

At Short Term

Discover the Best Short-Term Mission for You
Five Tips for Safe Travel
How to Give Away Your Faith on Your Short-term Mission Trip
Seven Reasons Why You Should Never Go On a Short-term Mission Trip!
Taking Your First Short-term Mission Trip
Ten Commandments for Mission Trip Participants
The Keys to a Quality Debriefing

Practical guide to Short-term mission by Mike Frith 04/05
Pastoral Resources for Short-Term Mission by Tony Horsfall 02/04

At Short Term Missions.Com (excellent site for short term resources – all annotations theirs)

Taking Your First Short-term Mission Trip by Steve Collins
Here are some questions to consider before you sign up.   Read »
How to Give Away Your Faith on Your Short-term Mission Trip by Jack Lasater
Did you realize that some of the best witnessing opportunities you will ever encounter will occur before and after your trip? People are drawn to stories of risk and adventure.   Read »
Seven Reasons Why You Should Never Go on a Short-term Mission Trip by David Armstrong
Thinking about going on a mission trip? Watch out.   Read »
Five Tips for Safe Travel by Howard Culbertson
As you prepare to hit the road, impress these safe travel tips in your memory.   Read »
Ten Commandments for Mission Trip Participants by Howard Culbertson
Admittedly, these 10 commandments weren’t given to Moses on Mt. Sinai. They are, however, based on some foundational principles of success in short-term cross-cultural experiences.   Read »
The Keys to a Quality Debriefing by Steve Moore
A quality debriefing experience is the key that unlocks the potential of long-term life change for most team members.   Read »
Discover the Best Short-Term Mission for You by Steven C. Hawthorne
Hundreds of mission agencies have opportunities. Many of them want you – or someone like you. And yet each of them is different. Which one is right for you? I’ve learned to take note of six decision areas which need to come together for the best missions “fit.”   Read »


Culture to Culture  Mission Trip Do’s and Don’ts (free download)

At (excellent organization/publisher on short term teams)


77 Fundraising Ideas  Digital Download
A Guide to Short Term Missions: A Comprehensive Manual for Planning an Effective Mission Trip by Leon Greene
All For HIM – Download – License for 60 copies  Going Against the Flow
Bringing It Back eBook  Post Mission Trip Debriefing Journal and Devotional
Chosen  A Mission Trip Journal
Daily Workouts – One Week Adult Mission Journal  A Study of the Book of James
Mack & Leeann’s Guide to Short-Term Missions  by J. Mack Stiles & Leeann Stiles
Mission Preparation Training – How to prepare for your short-term mission trip  by Mathew Backholer
Missions 101  Adventures In Missions Training Manual
missions Travel Journal and Prayer Guide NEW Adult Trip Devotional
now What? – Digital Download  Post Missions Trip Debrief Meetings
Short-Term Missions Workbook  by Tim Dearborn
The Art of Listening Prayer: 10 Day Devotional  Mission Devotional
The Essential Guide to the Short Term Mission Trip  by David C. Forward
The Journey – digital download – License for 20 Copies  by Marcia Borg
upclose – Digital Download -License for 20 Copies  Mission Trip Devotional
upclose Mission Devotional  by Julie Anderson


Stepping Out: A Guide to Short Term Missions – Page 11 by Hawthorne Moy and Krekel Staff, Tim Gibson, Steven C. Hawthorne – Religion – 1992 – 216 pages Snippet view – About this book
Short-Term Missions Workbook: From Mission Tourists to Global Citizens by Tim Dearborn – Religion – 2003 – 128 pages – About this book
The Short-Term Missions Boom: A Guide to International and Domestic Involvement by Michael J. Anthony – Religion – 1994 – About this book

At (recommended by – links to

A Guide to Short Term Missions: A Comprehensive Manual for Planning an Effective Mission Trip by Leon Greene
Can Short-Term Mission Really Create Long-Term Career Missionaries?: Results of STEM’s Second Major Scientific Study on the Long-Term Effect of Short-Term Mission by Daniel P. McDonough
Is Short-Term Mission Really Worth the Time and Money?: Advancing God’s Kingdom Through Short-Term Mission: Results of STEM Short-Term Mission Research by Roger P. Peterson, and Peterson
Mack & Leeann’s Guide to Short-Term Missions by J. MacK Stiles, Leeann Stiles
Maximum Impact Short-Term Mission: The God-Commanded, Repetitive Deployment of Swift, Temporary, Non-Professional Missionaries By: Roger Peterson, Aeschliman, and Sneed
Mission Trip Prep Kit Leader’s Guide By Kevin Johnson
Mission Trip Prep Student Journal By Kevin Johnson
Stepping Out: A Guide to Short Term Missions By: YWAM Publishing
The Essential Guide to the Short Term Mission Trip by David C. Forward

At missbks(a great site by someone with a heart for missions – links to

The Essential Guide to the Short Term Mission Trip by David C. Forward Moody Publishers; Spiral edition (January 1998)
Mack & Leeann’s Guide to Short-Term Missions by J. Mack Stiles, Leeann Stiles 192 pages Intervarsity Press; (September 2000)
Stepping Out: A Guide to Short Term Missions by Ywam Publishers 216 pages Crown Ministries Intl; (September 1996)
Successful Mission Teams: A Guide for Volunteers by Martha Vancise 240 pages New Hope Publishers; (June 1, 1998)
Vacations With A Purpose: A Handbook for Your Short-Term Missions Experience and A Planning Handbook for Your Short-Term Missions Team by Chris Eaton, Kim Hurst (both 1993) David C. Cook Publishing Company


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