Cultural Analysis

NOTE: see also cultural adaptation

What Is a Culture?

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Culture Matters: The Peace Corps Cross-Cultural Workbook EXCELLENT!
“Designed for Peace Corps Volunteers, this practical, hands-on guide is also a rich and useful resource for students who want to look into their own culture and become more understanding of people of other cultures.”

Building Bridges: A Peace Corps Classroom Guide to Cross-Cultural Understanding
“The booklet provides short, adaptable lesson plans and activities that build cross-cultural awareness, respect, and communication in your classroom. Lessons are flexible, easy to use, and standards-based. The introduction explains more about the purpose of the book, its audience (grades 6–12), the terms used, the standards addressed, and more. [note for kids, but still very good even for adults]

Unit I: Culture in the United States
Introducing Culture
Features of Culture
Defining Culture
Culture Is Like an Iceberg

Unit II: Culture Beyond the United States
On Being Seen as Different
Generalizations: How Accurate Are They?
Interpreting Behavior: Expanding Our Point of View
Resolving a Cross-Cultural Misunderstanding
Seeing Both Sides of an Issue
A Fundamental of Culture: Cultural Context
Brief Encounters
Window Into Another Culture

Looking at Ourselves and Others (for kids)
“Looking at Ourselves and Others contains lesson plans, activities, and readings that help students understand components of their own culture and leads them to appreciate and understand differences between their culture and that of others.”

Part 1: Defining Culture

Introduction to Part 1: Defining Culture
Everyone Has a Culture—Everyone Is Different (All grades)
The Iceberg (All grades)
The Multicultural Person (Grades 3–5)
Cuisine and Etiquette (Grades 3–5)
Chatter (Grades 6–9)
Where I Come From (Grades 6–9)
Brief Encounters (Grades 10–12)
Becoming Part of the Community (Grades 10–12)

Part 2: Developing Global Perspectives

Introduction to Part 2: Global Perspectives
First Impressions (Grades 3–5)
The Blind Men and the Elephant (Grades 3–5)
Opposites (Grades 3–5)
Is That a Fact? (Grades 6–9)
How Accurate Is It? (Grades 6–9)
Good News/Bad News/Who Cares? (Grades 6–9)
Beauty (Grades 10–12)
Perspectives on Paraguay (Grades 10–12)

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