Glossary of Basic Grammar Terms

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A Grammar Glossary  (Colorado State – pdf)   “If you think your understanding of grammatical terminology may be a bit rusty, then this glossary should be helpfuL It defines familiar terms (such as adjective) and some not quite as familiar (such as adjectival) and gives examples. It is not intended to be a complete grammar glossary. More complete descriptions can be found in Martha KoHn and Robert Funk’s Understanding English Grammar and other grammar texts. “

Daily Grammar – Glossary of Grammar Terms   “This glossary includes a complete list of the grammar terms and definitions covered in our free grammar lessons, with convenient links to the lessons relating to each grammar term.”

Glossary –  (British – pdf)  “The following glossary includes all the technical grammatical terms used in the programmes of study for English, as well as others that might be useful. It is intended as an aid for teachers, not as the body of knowledge that should be learnt by pupils. Apart from a few which are used only in schools (for example, root word), the terms below are used with the meanings defined here in most modern books on English grammar. It is recognised that there are different schools of thought on grammar, but the terms defined here clarify those being used in the programmes of study. “

Glossary of Grammatical Terms 

Glossary of English Grammar Terms –   (  “A fully cross-referenced English glossary of linguistic and grammatical terms. Each grammar definition contains an explanation and cross-references to other relevant grammar terms.”

Grammar A–Z | Oxford Dictionaries  “Some grammatical terms may be familiar to you, but others can be confusing or hard to remember. Clicking on any term below will give you a quick and clear definition. Below the categorized section you’ll find all the terms listed from A–Z, so you can browse that way if you prefer.”

Grammar Terms | EnglishClub  “A glossary of English grammatical and linguistic terms, with definitions, explanations and example sentences.”

Glossary of English Grammar and Usage Terms – Grammarist

Purdue Online Writing Lab – OWL English  (Purdue University)   “These OWL resources will help you use correct grammar in your writing. This area includes resources on grammar topics, such as count and noncount nouns, articles (a versus an), subject-verb agreement, and prepositions.”

The Glossary of Grammatical Terms and Definitions  Grammar Monster – Grammatical Terms and Definitions