Bibliographies  (broader than just Competencies/Screening)

Resources for Missions Leaders of Local Churches

On Line Resources for Church Mission Committees


2 Major Biblical Questions to Ask a Missionary Before You Support Them

4 Questions Every Church Should Ask a Missionary Candidate 

5 Questions I’d Ask a Missionary Before I Supported Them 

A Church Questionnaire for Supported Missionaries

An Interview Schedule for Church Leaders When Visiting Missionaries on the Field    Journal of Applied Missiology (Vol. 6, No. 2)

An Urgent Need for Evaluation.    Journal of Applied Missiology (Vol. 2, No. 1)

Ask Your Missionaries Awkward Questions

Begin With the Right People  3/28/2006 by Bryan Gibbs

Brewer – What is the church’s role in training?   Mission Today (1996:126-129)

Can Local Churches Effectively Select and Care for Missionaries?

Choosing the Right Missionary  3/28/2006 by Dr. Bob Waldron

Crucial Questions to Ask Your Missionaries

Evaluating Your Missionaries, When, Why, and How?  (Mike Pollard)

Guidelines for Deciding Whom a Church Supports

Have the Missionaries You Support Received Enough Training?

Important Domains of Missionary Development  2/6/2007 TEAM Personal and Professional Development

Missionary Working Agreement – Missions Resource Network

Protecting Your Investment

Qualities of Effective Missionaries

Questions Every Pastor Should Ask A Missionary Candidate

Steps for Approving Missionaries  (search older blog entries)

Supporting Churches: Evaluation of Their Performance by Missionaries

The Coalition, The Elite, and Your Next Missionary

What to Ask Your Missionaries – World Pulse Archives  (2002)

Websites with MULTIPLE articles  (not limited to just this topic)

ACMC   (Mobilizer Magazine archives)    (resources / articles for churches especially)  (tons of links to article summaries)

Missions Resource Network   (downloadable articles on all aspects of missions)

The Upstream Collective   (see “resources”)

World Christians Info


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