Portals and general Europe info:

BBC country profiles (excellent with links to all major newspapers, TV, radio, and latest headlines)
BBC news – Europe specific
Bringham Young University (tons of links)
Christianity Today Library 300+ Articles on Europe free preview (EU related news)
Europa (official EU portal)
European Reading Room (Library of Congress)
Indiana University Western Europe site
Institut Diakrisis (Germany)
Library of Congress Country Studies
Michigan State University global edge global insights
Operation World – The Official Web Site
The European (links to all national European Libraries)
University of Pittsburgh – Russian & East European Studies Virtual Library
US State Department
World Fact Book
World Missions Atlas Project
Western Europe & Europe National Resource Centers
Eastern Europe & Russia National Resource Centers


An overview of Eastern Europe. Lausanne World Pulse: February 01, 2007.
An overview of Western Europe. Lausanne World Pulse: March 01, 2007.


God’s Continent Christianity, Islam, and Europe’s Religious Crisis.
Living as People of Hope Faith, Hope and Vision for 21st Century Europe.
While Europe Slept How Radical Islam Is Destroying the West from Within.
Menace in Europe Why the Continent’s Crisis Is America’s Too.
Without Roots The West, Relativism, Christianity, Islam.
Lost Land of the Bible (Turkey)
Londonistan (Islamic fundamentalism in England)
The Cube and the Cathedral Europe, America, and Politics Without God.
Christianity and the Crisis of Cultures The Pope addresses the “crisis of culture” in Europe today
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