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Missions: Biblical Foundations And Strategies by Gailyn Van Rheenen, 256 pages (August 1996) Zondervan Publishing House
Changing Frontiers of Mission (American Society of Missiology Series, No 28) by Wilbert R. Shenk 250 pages (March 1999) Orbis Books
Missiology : An Introduction to the Foundations, History, and Strategies of World Missions by John Mark Terry(Editor) 768 pages (November 1998) Broadman & Holman Publishers:
The Shape of Practical Theology : Empowering Ministry With Theological Praxis by Ray Sherman Anderson 380 pages (February 2001) Intervarsity Press
What Is Mission? : Theological Explorations by J. Andrew Kirk 304 pages (February 2000) Fortress Press
Changing the Mind of Missions : Where Have We Gone Wrong? by James F. Engel, William A. Dyrness 144 pages (February 2000) Intervarsity Press
God’s Global Mosaic : What We Can Learn from Christians Around the World by Paul Gordon Chandler, John R. W. Stott 142 pages (January 2000) Intervarsity Press
Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions (Baker Reference Library) by A. Scott Moreau (Editor), Harold, A. Netland (Editor), 1168 pages (September 2000) Baker Book House
Missionary Leadership by Motivation and Communication by Roland Muller Paperback: 228 pages (November 2001) Xlibris Corp. Roland Muller is also the author of Honor and Shame: Unlocking the Door which deals with shame based cultures
Missions: The Next Generation .
Transforming Mission: Paradigm Shifts in Theology of Mission (American Society of Missiology Series, No. 16) by David Bosch Paperback: 587 pages (April 1991) Orbis Books The late David Bosch who was on the missiology faculty member at the University of South Africa, passed away in 1992.
Mission in Bold Humility: David Bosch’s Work Considered by David Bosch, William Saayman and Klippies Klitzinger (editors) (January 1997) gathers appraisals of his work from a variety of thelogical and mission contexts.
Cross Cultural Concerns
Ministering Cross-Culturally : An Incarnational Model for Personal Relationships by Sherwood G. Lingenfelter, Marvin Keene Mayers 125 pages (September 1986) Baker Book House – Dr. Sherwood Lingenfelter is Dean of the School of World Mission at Fuller theological Serminary.
Teaching Cross-Culturally : An Incarnational Model for Learning and Teaching by Judith E. Lingenfelter, Sherwood G. Lingenfelter Paperback: 144 pages Baker Book House; (May 2003)
Reconnecting God’s Story to Ministry: Crosscultural Storytelling at Home and Abroad by Tom A. Steffen A scholarly work describing on how to use narrative as an educational methodology but offering practical help by identifying the roles and tasks that are necessary to become an effective storyteller in another culture.
Agents of Transformation : A Guide for Effective Cross-Cultural Ministry by Sherwood G. Lingenfelter 282 pages (May 1996) Baker Book House
Transforming Culture : A Challenge for Christian Missions by Sherwood G. Lingenfelter 190 pages 2nd edition (October 1999) Baker Book House
Discipling Nations: The Power of Truth to Transform Cultures by Darrow Miller Paperback: 320 pages; 2nd edition (August 2001) Emerald Books
Cross-Cultural Conflict : Building Relationships for Effective Ministry 189 pages (January 1994) Intervarsity Press and Cross-Cultural Connections: Stepping Out and Fitting in Around the World by Duane Elmer Paperback: 200 pages (October 2002) Intervarsity Press. Duane Elmer is the G. W. Aldeen Professor of International Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. In addition to traveling and teaching in over seventy-five countries, he has provided cross-cultural training to people from Fortune 500 companies, relief and development agencies, mission organizations, churches, and educational institutions. He has also conducted peace and reconciliation efforts in several countries.
Foreign to Familiar: A Guide to Understanding Hot – And Cold – Climate Cultures by Sarah A. Lanier Seeks to aid the reader in cross-cultural communication and relationships by highlighting the differences between ‘hot-climate’ (relationship-based) cultures and ‘cold-climate’ (task-oriented) cultures.” based mainly on her own experiences.
Strange Virtues: Ethics in a Multicultural World by Bernard T. Adeney 286 pages (June 1995) This book considers ethics across cultures, addresses the ethical import of other religions and gender relations, and explores how the Bible and culture interact to produce ethical stances.
Communicating Christ Cross-Culturally, Second Edition by David J. Hesselgrave 672 pages 2nd edition (May 1991) Zondervan Publishing House – David J. Hesselgrave is professor emeritus of mission at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus by John R. Cross Paperback (January, 1998) GOODSEED USA (also a workbook). Presents a Chronological Bible presentation of the Gospel – a method used effectively by New Tribes Mission and others to present the Gospel to those who have no Biblical background. A video, God’s Story: from Creation to Eternity, is also available in 30 languages. ASIN: B00008G94G
Anthropological Insights for Missionaries by Paul Hiebert 315 pages (February 1987) Baker Book House – Paul G. Hiebert is associate dean of academic doctoral programs, chairman of the department of mission and evangelism, and professor of mission and anthropology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois.
Beyond Culture by Edward T. Hall 298 pages Reissue edition (January 7, 1977) Anchor
Anthropology for Christian Witness by Charles H. Kraft 493 pages (February 1997) Orbis Books
The Missionary Movement in Christian History :Studies in Transmission of Faith by Andrew F. Walls 266 pages (October 1996) Orbis Books (Review) Walls presents in nineteen essays the distillation of a lifetime’s reflection on Christianity’s twentieth–century global transformation and has another book forthcoming, The Cross-Cultural Process in Christian History :Studies in the Transmission and Reception of Faith 288 pages (November 30, 2001) Orbis Books. Andrew F. Walls is emeritus director of the Centre for the Study of Christianity in the Non–Western World at the University of Edinburgh.
The Calvinistic Concept of Culture by Henry R. Van Til – a classic Reformed look at the relationship between religion and culture now back in print! 245 pages (April 2001) Baker Book House.


“By My Spirit” By Jonathan Goforth
“Re-Thinking Missions” Examined; An Attempt At A Just Review… By Robert Elliott Speer
“Thus It Is Written”; The Missionary Motif In The Scriptures… By Henry Cornell Goerner
A Biblical Theology Of Missions By George Peters
A Biblical Word For An Urban World : Messages From The 1999 … By Raymond J. Bakke
A Century In Nigeria By George W. Sadler
A Century In The Pacific By W. H. Fitchett
A Concise History Of The Christian World Mission : A Panoram… By J. Herbert Kane
A Global View Of Christian Missions From Pentecost To The Pr… By J. Herbert Kane
A Greater Commission : A Theology For World Missions By Robert Duncan Culver
A History Of American Baptist Missions In Asia, Africa, Euro… By William Gammell
A History Of Christian Missions By Stephen Neill
A Journey Of Faith And Sacrifice : Retracing The Steps Of Lo… By Jerry Rankin
A Leopard Tamed; The Story Of An African Pastor, His People,… By Eleanor Vandevort
A Mind For Missions : 10 Ways To Build Your World Vision By Paul Borthwick
A New Vision, A New Heart, A Renewed Call By David Claydon
A Reader’s Guide To Transforming Mission By Stan Nussbaum
A Retrospect By James Hudson Taylor
A Scandalous Prophet : The Way Of Mission After Newbigin By Thomas F. Foust
A Survey Of World Missions By John Caldwell Thiessen
A Theology Of The Church And Its Mission : A Pentecostal Per… By Melvin L. Hodges
A Thousand Miles Of Miracle In China; A Personal Record Of G… By Archibald Edward Glover
A Word In Season : Perspectives On Christian World Missions By Lesslie Newbigin
Adam Schall, A Jesuit At The Court Of China, 1592-1666 By Rachel Attwater
Adventures With The Bible In Brazil By Frederick Charles Glass
Agents Of Transformation : A Guide For Effective Cross-Cultu… By Sherwood G. Lingenfelter
All Nations In God’s Purpose : What The Bible Teaches About … By Henry Cornell Goerner
Along Unfamiliar Paths– : Proclaiming God’s Light In Man’s … By Marlene Muhr
American Missions In Bicentennial Perspective : Papers Prese… By R. Pierce Beaver
American Women In Mission : A Social History Of Their Though… By Dana Lee Robert
An American Physician In Turkey; A Narrative Of Adventures I… By Clarence Douglas Ussher
An Answer To A Letter From Dr. Bray [Electronic Source] : Di… By Joseph Wyeth
An Introduction To Christian Missions By Harold R. Cook
An Introduction To The Science Of Missions By John M. Bavinck
An Intrusive Gospel? : Christian Mission In The Postmodern W… By C. Norman Kraus
Anabaptists Meeting Muslims : A Calling For Presence In The … By James R. Krabill
Announcing The Kingdom : The Story Of God’s Mission In The B… By Arthur F. Glasser
Another Hand On Mine; The Story Of Dr. Carl K. Becker Of The… By William J. Petersen
Anthropological Insights For Missionaries By Paul G. Hiebert
Anthropological Reflections On Missiological Issues By Paul G. Hiebert
Anthropology For Christian Witness By Charles H. Kraft
Appointment Congo By Virginia W. Law
As You Go: The Old Mission In A New Day By John Howard Yoder
Ascent To The Tribes; By Isobel Kuhn
Attempting To Bring The Gospel Home: Scottish Missions To Pa… By Michael Marten
Baal, Christ, And Mohammed: Religion And Revolution In North… By John K. Cooley
Baptist Missions In The South: A Century Of The Saving Impac… By Victor I. Masters
Believing In The Future : Toward A Missiology Of Western Cul… By David Jacobus Bosch
Beyond The Mosque: Christians Within Muslim Community By Phil Parshall
Bible And Mission : Christian Witness In A Postmodern World By Richard Bauckham
Biblical Theology Of Missions, A By George W. Peters
Black God; A Story Of The Congo By D. Manners-Sutton
Black-Robes, Or, Sketches Of Missions And Ministers In The W… By Robert P. Nevin
Borden Of Yale By Howard Mrs. Taylor
Branches Of The Banyan; Observations On The Church In Southe… By Addison J. Eastman
Brother Andrew : God’s Secret Agent By Janet Benge
Buddhism And Christianity In Japan : From Conflict To Dialog… By Notto R. Thelle
Building Strategic Relationships : A Practical Guide To Part… By Daniel Rickett
Burma Surgeon By Gordon S. Seagrave
Business As Mission : From Impoverished To Empowered By Tom A. Steffen
C. T. Studd, Cricketer & Pioneer By Norman P. Grubb
Call To Mission By Stephen Neill
Called As Partners In Christ’s Service : The Practice Of God… By Sherron Kay George
Cannibal Valley By Russell T. Hitt
Capturing The Soul : The Vhavenda And The Missionaries By A. Kirkaldy
Case Studies In Missions By Frances F. Hiebert
Catch The Vision 2000 By Bill Stearns
Celebrate! : 200 Years Of Taking The Gospel To The World By Cecily Anne Paterson
Charles E. Cowman : Missionary Warrior By Charles E. Cowman, Mrs
China And Christianity, The Missionary Movement And The Gro… By Paula Cohen
China And The Cross; A Survey Of Missionary History By Columba Cary-Elwes
China Doctor; The Life Story Of Harry Willis Miller By Raymond S. Moore
China Nurse: The Life Story Of Elisabeth Redelstein (A Desti… By Mary S Ogle
Christ Outside The Gate : Mission Beyond Christendom By Orlando E. Costas
Christian Issues In Southern Asia By Paul David Devanandan
Christian Mission : A Matter Of Life By Everett Lewis Cattell
Christian Missions In Biblical Perspective By J. Herbert Kane
Christian Missions In China; Evangelists Of What? By Jessie Gregory Lutz
Christian Missions, Their Place In India By Mahatma Gandhi
Christianity Confronts Culture; A Strategy For Cross-Cultura… By Marvin Keene Mayers
Christians, Cultural Interactions, And India’s Religious Tra… By Judith M. Brown
Church Growth And Group Conversion, By Jarrell Waskom Pickett
Church/Mission Tensions Today By C. Peter Wagner
Classic Texts In Mission And World Christianity By Norman E. Thomas
Commandos For Christ; The Gospel Witness In Bolivia’s “Green… By Bruce E. Porterfield
Committed Communities : Fresh Streams For World Missions By Charles J. Mellis
Communicating Christ Cross-Culturally : An Introduction To M… By David J. Hesselgrave
Communicating Christ In Animistic Contexts By Gailyn Van Rheenen
Company Of Heaven: Early Missionaries In The South Seas By Graeme Kent
Concise Dictionary Of The Christian World Mission By Stephen Neill
Conflict Or Connection : Interpersonal Relationships In Cros… By Levi O. Keidel
Constants In Context : A Theology Of Mission For Today By Stephen B. Bevans
Contextualization : Meanings, Methods, And Models By David J. Hesselgrave
Contextualization In The New Testament : Patterns For Theolo… By Dean E. Flemming
Cross Cultural Connections : Stepping Out And Fitting In Aro… By Duane Elmer
Crucial Issues In Missions Tomorrow By Donald Anderson Mcgavran
Daggers Of Faith : Thirteenth-Century Christian Missionizing… By Robert Chazan
Daring To Live On The Edge: The Adventure Of Faith And Finan… By Loren Cunningham
Daughters Of Islam : Building Bridges With Muslim Women By Miriam Adeney
David Livingstone South African Papers, 1849-1853 By David Livingstone
Daybreak In The Dark Continent By William S. Naylor
Doctor In A Dark Land : A Story Of Missions In Africa By Alan Livingstone Wilson
Doctor In An Old World; The Story Of Robert Earl Beddoe, Med… By Helen Thames Raley
Doctor Of Tanganyika By Paul Hamilton Hume White
Emerging Voices In Global Christian Theology By William A. Dyrness
Emphasizing Missions In The Local Church, By Bob Pierce
Encountering The World Of Islam By Keith E. Swartley
English Teaching As Christian Mission : An Applied Theology By Donald B. Snow
Errand To The World : American Protestant Thought And Foreig… By William R. Hutchison
Eternal Word And Changing Worlds : Theology, Anthropology, A… By Harvie M. Conn
Evangelical Dictionary Of World Missions By A. Scott Moreau
Evangelism And Missions : Strategies For Outreach In The 21s… By Ronald Blue
Evangelism For A Changing World : Essays In Honor Of Roy J. … By Roy J. Fish
Evangelizing The Chosen People : Missions To The Jews In Ame… By Yaakov Ariel
Exploring World Mission : Context And Challenges By Bryant L. Myers
Eye Of The Storm; The Great Debate In Mission Donald Mcgavra… By Donald Anderson Mcgavran
Following Jesus In The Hindu Context : The Intriguing Implic… By H. L. Richard
Foolishness To The Greeks : The Gospel And Western Culture By Leslie Newbigin
Forget The Pith Helmet : Perspectives On The Missionary Expe… By Doug Wicks
Friend Raising : Building A Missionary Support Team That Las… By Betty J. Barnett
From Jerusalem To Irian Jaya : A Biographical History Of Chr… By Ruth A. Tucker
Frontier Mission; By Walter Brownlow Posey
Funding Your Ministry : Whether You’re Gifted Or Not! : An I… By Scott Morton
Generation Of Giants; The Story Of The Jesuits In China In T… By George H. Dunne
Getting Sent : A Relational Approach To Support Raising By Pete Sommer
Gifts And Strangers : Meeting The Challenge Of Inculturation… By Anthony J. Gittens
Global Good News : Mission In A New Context By Howard Snyder
Go And Make Disciples! : An Introduction To Christian Missio… By Roger S. Greenway
God In The Lead : Meditations On Mission From Genesis And Ac… By Stan Slade
God Who Sends : A Fresh Quest For Biblical Mission By Francis M Dubose
God, Man And Church Growth By A.R. Tippett
Gods Builds The Church In South Asia; By A. Grace Wenger
God’s Call To Mission By David W. Shenk
God’s Mission And Ours : The Challenge Of Telling The Nation… By Peter T. O’Brien
God’s Missionary People : Rethinking The Purpose Of The Loca… By Charles Van Engen
God’s Smuggler By Brother Andrew
Goforth Of China By Rosalind Goforth
Great Missionaries To China By J. Theodore Mueller
Great Missionaries To The Orient By John Theodore Mueller
Heartbeat For The World: The Story Of Gustave And Pauline Wo… By Lorene Moothart
Hearts Aglow : Stories Of Lepers By The Inland Sea By Nagatahonami
Highlights Of Christian Missions A History And Survey By Harold R. Cook
Horizons Of Mission By Titus Presler
How Churches Grow; The New Frontiers Of Mission By Donald Anderson Mcgavran
How To Be A World Class Christian By Paul Borthwick
Hudson Taylor And The China Inland Mission; The Growth Of A … By Howard Taylor
Hudson Taylor In Early Years By Dr. & Mrs. Howard Taylor

I Believe In Mission By Alistair Brown
I Believe In The Great Commission By Max Alexander Cunningham Warren
Images Of The Church In Mission By John Driver
In And Out The Andes: Mission Trails From Yucatan To Chile By Maria (Maryknoll Sister) Del Rey
In Side Out : Worship In An Age Of Mission By Thomas H. Schattauer
In The Gap : What It Means To Be A World Christian By David Bryant
Incarnational Ministry : Planting Churches In Band, Tribal, … By Paul G. Hiebert
Inside Islam : Exposing And Reaching The World Of Islam By Reza F. Safa
Introducing World Missions : A Biblical, Historical, And Pra… By A. Scott Moreau
Introduction To Missiology By Alan Richard Tippett
Introduction To The Sociology Of Missions By Robert L. Montgomery
Islam A Challenge To Faith; By Samuel M. Zwemer
J. Hudson Taylor; A Biography By Howard Taylor

Jesus–The Jew’s Jew By Zola Levitt
Jews And “Jewish Christianity” By David Berge
Jews For Jesus By Moishe Rosen

John G. Paton Missionary To The New Hebrides, 1824-1907 By John Theodore Mueller
Jonathan Goforth By Rosalind Goforth
Journey Into Mission By Philip Williams
Journey To The Nations : A Study Guide For World Christians By Debra Sanders
Jungle Doctors By Mike Mcgrady
Jungle Doctor’s Case Book By Paul White
Jungle Pilot; The Life And Witness Of Nate Saint By Russell T. Hitt
Jungle Storyteller; The Life Of Tha Myaing, Our First Ordain… By Eric B. Hare
Kids For The World : A Guidebook To Children’s Mission Resou… By Gerry Dueck
Laws Of Livingstonia : A Narrative Of Missionary Adventure A… By W. P. Livingstone
Le Christ Au Japon : Histoire Et Temoignages By Pierre Nemeshegyi
Leper Priest Of Moloka’i : The Father Damien Story By Richard Stewart
Let My Heart Be Broken With The Things That Break The Heart … By Richard Gehman
Let The Nations Be Glad! : The Supremacy Of God In Missions By John Piper
Let The Whole World Know : Resources For Preaching On Missio… By Richard De Ridder
Life And Work On The Mission Field By J. Herbert Kane
Light In Darkness; Or, Missions And Missionary Heroes. An Il… By J. E. Godbey
Literacy, Bible Reading, And Church Growth Through The Ages By Morris G. Watkins
Lives Of Missionaries, Greenland: Hans Egede; Matthew Stach … By Hans Egede
Living Mission; The Test Of Faith By Hans Werner Gensichen
Livingstone’s Travels And Researches In South Africa From Th… By David Livingstone
Lords Of The Earth By Don Richardson
Lottie Moon By Una Roberts Lawrence
Making Mission Happen : Year-Round Program Of Education For … By Arthur O. F. Bauer

Mama Was A Missionary. By Charles Ludwig
Man Reaches Out To God; Living Religions And The Christian M… By Herbert C. Jackson
Mandarins, Jews, And Missionaries : The Jewish Experience In… By Michael Pollak
May Perry Of Africa By Susan Anderson
Meet Mrs. Yu [The True Story Of An Outstanding Chinese Chris… By Mary Culler White
Melanesians And Missionaries : An Ethnohistorical Study Of S… By Darrell L. Whiteman
Ministering Cross-Culturally : An Incarnational Model For Pe… By Sherwood G. Lingenfelter
Ministry At The Margins : Strategy And Spirituality For Miss… By Anthony J. Gittins
Miracle In Borneo By Norma R. Youngberg
Missiological Abstracts : The School Of World Mission, Fulle… By Georgia R. Grimes
Missiology : An Introduction To The Foundations, History, An… By John Mark Terry
Mission In The Old Testament : Israel As A Light To The Nati… By Walter C.Jr. Kaiser
Mission On The Way : Issues In Mission Theology By Charles Edward Van Engen
Mission Possible By Marilyn Laszlo
Mission To Asia

Mission Unlimited : Biblical And Doctrinal Foundations Of Su… By Morris Ashcraft
Missionaries, Monks, And Martyrs: Making Disciples Of All Na… By Luke Alexander Veronis
Missionary Adventures In Africa By William Henry Branson
Missionary Conquest : The Gospel And Native American Cultura… By George E. Tinker
Missionary Education For Baptist Men : A Guide For Organizin… By George L. Euting
Missionary History Of The Pacific Northwest Containing The W… By Harvey K. Hine
Missionary Labours And Scenes In Southern Africa; By Robert Moffat
Missionary Life And Work; A Discussion Of Principles And Pra… By Harold R. Cook
Missionary Methods: St. Paul’s Or Ours? By Roland Allen
Missionary Principles And Practice By Harold Lindsell
Missionary Principles By Roland Allen
Missionary Travels And Researches In South Africa; By David Livingstone
Missionary, Go Home? By Les Pederson
Missions : God’s Heart For The World : 9 Studies For Individ… By Paul Borthwick
Missions And Me By Ivyloy. [From Old Catalog] Bishop
Missions And Money : Affluence As A Missionary Problem Revis… By Jonathan J. Bonk
Missions And Politics In Malawi By K. Nyamayaro Mufuka
Missions And The World Crisis By Fulton J. Sheen
Missions At The Crossroads; The Indigenous Church–A Solutio… By Theodore Stanley Soltau
Missions Idea Notebook; Promoting Missions In The Local Chur… By Kerry Lovering
Missions In A New Millennium : Change And Challenges In Worl… By W. Edward Glenny
Missions In Crisis; Rethinking Missionary Strategy By Eric S. Fife
Missions In The Age Of The Spirit By John V. York
Missions: Which Way? Humanization Or Redemption By Peter Beyerhaus
Moravian Missionaries At Work In A Jamaican Slave Community,… By Richard S. Dunn
Mountain Rain : A Biography Of James O. Fraser, Pioneer Miss… By Eileen Crossman
Mountains Singing; The Story Of Gospel Recordings In The Phi… By Sanna Morrison Barlow
Muslims And Christians At The Table : Promoting Biblical Und… By Bruce A. Mcdowell
Muslims And Christians On The Emmaus Road By John Dudley Woodberry
My Story: From Jungle Killer To Christian Missionary As Told… By Tariri, Shapra Chief
Near The Far Bamboo : An Insightful Look At Cross-Cultural C… By Martin St. Kilda
Nests Above The Abyss, By Isobel Kuhn By Isobel Kuhn
New Frontiers In An Old World By Winston Crawley
Nigerian Pioneer: The Story Of Mary Slessor By Ronald Syme
Nine Worlds To Win : Missions And Evangelism In The 1990’s /… By Floyd Mcclung
On Being A Missionary By Thomas Hale
On Mission With God : Living God’s Purpose For His Glory By Henry T. Blackaby
On The Crest Of The Wave : Becoming A World Christian By C. Peter Wagner
On The Missionary Trail : A Journey Through Polynesia, Asia,… By Tom Hiney
On The Trail Of Livingstone By W. H. [From Old Catalog] Anderson
One World Or Many? : The Impact Of Globalisation On Mission By Richard Tiplady
One World, One Mission By William Richey Hogg
Only To The House Of Israel? Jesus And The Non-Jews By Thomas Walter Manson
Operation Crescent Moon : Underground Christians Reaching Mu… By George John
Our Jewish Friends By Louis Goldberg
Our Mission Today; The Beginning Of A New Age By Tracey K. Jones
Our Story Of Missions For Colleges & Academies By William Ambrose Spicer
Out Of The Comfort Zone By George Verwer
Outlines Of Missionary History By Alfred Dewitt Mason
Paddles Over The Kamarang; The Story Of The Davis Indians By Robert H. Pierson
Paradigms In Conflict : 10 Key Questions In Christian Missio… By David J. Hesselgrave
Partnering In Ministry : The Direction Of World Evangelism By Luis Bush
Passport To Missions By W. Guy Henderson
Patching God’s Garment: Environment And Mission In The 21st … By W. Dayton Roberts
Penetrating Missions’ Final Frontier : A New Strategy For Un… By Tetsunao Yamamori
People Movements In Southern Polynesia; Studies In The Dynam… By Alan Richard Tippett
People Raising : A Practical Guide To Raising Support By William Dillon
Peril By Choice; The Story Of John And Elaine Beekman, Wycli… By James C. Hefley
Perspectives On The World Christian Movement : A Reader By Ralph D. Winter
Pioneers In Mission; The Early Missionary Ordination Sermons… By R. Pierce Beaver
Planning Strategies For World Evangelization By Edward R. Dayton
Planting Churches Cross-Culturally : A Guide For Home And Fo… By David J. Hesselgrave
Power Encounters Among Christians In The Western World By Kevin Springer
Power Evangelism By John Wimber
Preparing To Serve : Training For Cross-Cultural Mission By David Harley
Proclaim Christ Until He Comes : Calling The Whole Church To… By Kevin M. Mccarthy
Psychology Of Missionary Adjustment By Marge Jones
Reaching Muslims For Christ By William Saal
Reaching Our Generation By Wade T. Coggins
Rediscovering Mission : Towards A Non-Western Missiological … By Valson Thampu
Reflections In A Mission Mirror : Ancient Wisdom From Younge… By Rolf E. Aaseng
Restoring The Jewishness Of The Gospel By David H. Stern
Re-Thinking Missions; A Laymen’s Inquiry After One Hundred Y… By William Ernest Hocking
Revolution In World Missions By K. P. Yohannan
Ripe Mangoes : Miracle Missionary Stories From Bangladesh By Jay Walsh
Salvation And The Savage; An Analysis Of Protestant Missions… By Robert F. Berkhofer
Salvation To The Ends Of The Earth : A Biblical Theology Of … By Andreas J. Kostenberger
Searching For The Indigenous Church : A Missionary Pilgrimag… By Gene Daniels
Secret Believers : What Happens When Muslims Believe In Chri… By Brother Andrew
See, Here Is Water : And Other Missions Sermons By Oneta Gentry
Serving As Senders By Neal Pirolo
Shadow Of The Almighty : The Life & Testament Of Jim Elliot By Elisabeth Elliot
Share The New Life With A Jew By Moishe Rosen
Share Your Faith With A Muslim By Charles R. Marsh
Sharing Jesus Effectively In The Buddhist World By David Lim
Sons Of Ishmael; How Shall They Hear? By Grahamfinlaym
Speak You So Gently By Kylie Tennant
Speaking The Truth In Love To Muslims By Roland Cap Ehlke
Spirit-Shaped Mission : A Holistic Charismatic Missiology By Andrew Lord
St. Paul’s Missionary Methods: A Study Of The Church In Four… By Roland Allen
Stop The World, I Want To Get On By C. Peter Wagner
Strategies For Rural Evangelism (Grove Evangelism Series 5) By Chris Edmondson
The Bamboo Cross: Witness Of Christian Martyrs In The Commun… By Homer E. Dowdy
The Beatitudes : To Evangelize As Jesus Did By Segundo Galilea
The Bible And Islam By Bassam M. Madany
The Bible And The Flag : Protestant Missions And British Imp… By Brian Stanley
The Biblical Foundations For Mission By Donald Senior
The Bridges Of God; A Study In The Strategy Of Missions By Donald Anderson Mcgavran
The Celtic Way Of Evangelism : How Christianity Can Reach Th… By George G., III Hunter
The Church And Cultures : New Perspectives In Missiological … By Louis J. Luzbetak
The Church And Cultures; An Applied Anthropology For The Rel… By Louis J. Luzbetak
The Church And Its Mission: A Shattering Critique From The T… By Orlando E. Costas
The Church Apostolic; A Discussion Of Modern Missions By Joseph Daniel Graber
The Church Is Bigger Than You Think : Structures And Strateg… By Patrick Johnstone
The Communication Of The Christian Faith By H. Kraemer
The Compulsion Of The Spirit: A Roland Allen Reader By Roland Allen
The Cross-Cultural Process In Christian History : Studies In… By Andrew F. Walls
The Decisive Hour Of Christian Missions By John Raleigh Mott
The Dragon Net : How God Has Used Communism To Prepare China… By Silas Hong
The Encyclopedia Of Modern Christian Missions; The Agencies By Burton L. Goddard
The First Century :The Missionary Adventure Of Australasian … By J. W. Burton
The Forgotten Ways : Reactivating The Missional Church By Alan Hirsch
The Foundation For Missions By M. Thomas Starkes
The Glory Of Christ; A Pageant Of Two Hundred Missionary Liv… By Mark Leo Kent
The Gospel For Islam : Reaching Muslims In North America By Roy Oksnevad
The Gospel In A Pluralist Society By Lesslie Newbigin
The Great Omission: A Biblical Basis For World Evangelism By J. Robertson Mcquilkin
The Indigenous Church And The Missionary : A Sequel To The I… By Melvin L. Hodges
The Life Of William Carey; Shoemaker & Missionary By George Smith
The Meaning Of Mission : Jesus, Christians, And The Wayfarin… By José Comblin
The Mission Of God : Unlocking The Bible’s Grand Narrative By Christopher J. H. Wright
The Missional Leader : Equipping Your Church To Reach A Chan… By Alan Roxburgh
The Missionaries By Geoffrey Moorhouse
The Missionary Life : Saints And The Evangelisation Of Europ… By Ian Wood
The Missionary Movement In Christian History : Studies In Th… By Andrew F. Walls
The Nation And The Kingdom; Christian Mission In The New Nat… By Charles W. Forman
The New Friars : The Emerging Movement Serving The World’s P… By Scott A. Bessenecker
The New Global Mission : The Gospel From Everywhere To Every… By Samuel Escobar
The Nonresidential Missionary By V. David Garrison
The Once And Future Church : Reinventing The Congregation Fo… By Loren B. Mead
The Open Secret : An Introduction To The Theology Of Mission… By Lesslie Newbigin
The Out Of Bounds Church? : Learning To Create A Community O… By Steve Taylor
The Planting And Development Of Missionary Churches By John L. Nevius
The Principles And Practice Of Indigenous Church Planting By Charles Brock
The Progress Of World-Wide Missions By Robert Hall Glover
The Scent Of Eucalyptus : A Missionary Childhood In Ethiopia… By Daniel Coleman
The Spontaneous Expansion Of The Church And The Causes Which… By Roland Allen
The Story Of Marcus Whitman; Early Protestant Missions In Th… By J. G. Craighead
The Sunday School And Missions. By William Lewis Howse
The Supreme Task Of The Church : Sermons On The Mission Of T… By John T. Seamands
The Theology Of The Christian Mission By Gerald H. Anderson
The Third Force In Missions : A Pentecostal Contribution To … By Paul Anthony Pomerville
The Unseen Face Of Islam : Sharing The Gospel With Ordinary … By Bill Musk
The Validity Of The Christian Mission By Elton Trueblood
The Word Among Us : Contextualizing Theology For Mission Tod… By Dean S. Gilliland
Thirty Years With South Sea Cannibals; Autobiography Of John… By John Gibson Paton
This One Thing : Story Of Walker Of Tinnevelly By Amy Carmichael
Through Gates Of Splendor By Elisabeth Elliot
To An Ancient People : The Autobiography Of Dr. Leopold Cohn… By Leopold Cohn
To China With Love;: The Lives And Times Of Protestant Missi… By Pat Barr
Today’s All-Star Missions Churches : Strategies To Help Your… By Tom Telford
Today’s Choices For Tomorrow’s Mission : An Evangelical Pers… By David J. Hesselgrave
Transforming Culture : A Challenge For Christian Mission By Sherwood G. Lingenfelter
Transforming Mission : Paradigm Shifts In Theology Of Missio… By David Jacobus Bosch
Translating The Message: The Missionary Impact On Culture (A… By Lamin Sanneh
Twelve Keys To An Effective Church The Planning Workbook By Kennon L. Callahan
Two Thousand Tongues To Go; The Story Of The Wycliffe Bible … By Ethel Emily Wallis
Understanding Christian Missions By J. Herbert Kane
Unearthly Powers : A Christian’s Handbook On Primal And Folk… By David Burnett
Upon The Earth; The Mission Of God And The Missionary Enterp… By Daniel Thambyrajah Niles
Vital Missions Issues : Examining Challenges And Changes In … By Roy B. Zuck
Wanted : World Christians By J. Herbert Kane
We Signed Away Our Lives : How One Family Gave Everything Fo… By Kari Torjesen Malcolm
We Wish We’d Done More : Ninety Years Of CMS And Aboriginal … By John W. Harris
What Is Mission? : Theological Explorations By J. Andrew Kirk
What Makes A Missionary By David M. Howard
What On Earth Are You Doing? : Jesus’ Call To World Mission By Michael Griffiths
What The Spirit Is Saying To The Churches By Henry Blackaby
When Blood Flows, The Heart Grows Softer By Jeanette W. Lockerbie
Where In The World?: Changing Forms Of The Church’s Witness By Colin W. Williams
Which Way Forward Indian Missions? : A Critique Of Twenty-Fi… By K Rajendran
Why Bother With Mission? By S. Gaukroger
Winds Of Change In The Christian Mission By J. Herbert Kane
With An Eye On The Future : Development And Mission In The 2… By Ted Warren Ward
Witness In Israel; The Story Of Paul Rowden By John T. Carter
World Mission : An Analysis Of The World Christian Movement By Jonathan Lewis, Ph. D.
World Missions By Martha L Moennich
World Shapers : A Treasury Of Quotes From Great Missionaries… By Vinita Hampton
Worldwide Perspectives : Understanding God’s Purposes In The… By Meg Crossman
Worship And Mission By J. G. Davies
You Bring The Bagels, I’ll Bring The Gospel : Sharing The Me… By Barry Rubin
You Can Change The World By Jill Johnstone
You Take Jesus, I’ll Take God: How To Refute Christian Missi… By Samuel Levine – (great site to find book summaries, reviews, and links to sellers ALL annotations theirs)

Eternity in Their Hearts – Page 83 by Don Richardson – Religion – 1984 – 224 pages Likewise, if Karen traditions trace back to, for example, Nestorian Christian influence of the eighth century, or to later Roman Catholic missionary … Snippet view – About this book
Foreign Missions After a Century by James S. Dennis – History – 2007 – 372 pages … easily at the present hour in the front rank of hopeful Christian effort. … Lecture I. Page The Present-Day Message Of Foreign Missions To The Church … – About this book
From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya: A Biographical History of Christian Missions by Ruth Tucker – Religion – 2004 – 526 pages This is history at its best. About this book
Go and Make Disciples!: An Introduction to Christian Missions by Roger S. Greenway – Religion – 1999 – 190 pages … Missions This fresh introduction to Christian missions vividly sets forth the
task and challenges facing the church throughout the world. …
History of Christian Missions by Charles Henry Robinson – 2007 – 556 pages History Of Christian Missions By Charles Henry Robinson, Dd Hon. Canon Of Ripon Cathedral And Editorial Secretary Of The Society For The Propagation Of The … – About this book
Introducing World Missions: A Biblical, Historical, and Practical Survey by A. Scott Moreau, Gary Corwin, Gary B. McGee – Religion – 2004 – 352 pages … and maps that provide further details on topics of interest. Altogether, this is an engaging introduction to the work of missions in the contemporary world. – About this book
Introduction to Science of Missions by John H. Bavinck – Religion – 1992
Kingdom Partnerships for Synergy in Missions by William David Taylor – 1994 – About this book
Let the Nations Be Glad!: The Supremacy of God in Missions by John Piper – Religion – 1993 – 240 pages … Missions An overview of the future of mission out-reach argues that worship
is the ultimate goal of the church, and proper worship fuels missions. – About this book
Missionary Movement in Christian History: Studies in the Transmission Of faith by Andrew F. Walls – 1996 A work of immense range and insight, indispensable for all students of history and
theology. – About this book
Missions – Their Rise and Development by Louise Creighton – Religion – 2007 – 256 pages 195 XI THE PRESENT OPPORTUNITY 233 BIBLIOGRAPHY 253 INDEX 255 MISSIONS CHAPTER … When once the Roman Empire was nomin ally Christian, the question of the … – About this book
Missions and Theological Education in World Perspective by Harvie M. Conn, Samuel F. Rowen – 1984 … Christian … Cover title: Missions & theological education in world perspective. – About this book
Missions in the Third Millennium: 21 Key Trends for the 21st Century by Stan Guthrie – Religion – 2000 – 159 pages Revised and updated with two new chapters on urban missions and evangelizing
Muslims this uptodate volume offers insights to help students churches … – About this book
Missions Now: This Generation by Roger S. Greenway – Religion – 1990 – 126 pages “Urbana 1990 Book-of-the-Day”–Cover. – About this book
Missions: Biblical Foundations and Contemporary Strategies – Page 111 by Gailyn Van Rheenen – 1996 – 251 pages Describe the Jewish character of the early Christian church. 8. According to the book of Acts, how was the seemingly insurmountable cultural barrier … About this book
Momentous Decisions in Missions Today by Donald Anderson McGavran 1984 231 pages About this book
Outline of a History of Protestant Missions from the Reformation to the by Gustav Warneck – 2006 – 412 pages – About this book
Perspectives on the World Christian Movement: Reader by Ralph D. Winter, Steven C. Hawthorne – Religion – 1999 – 782 pages About this book
Planting Churches Cross-Culturally: A Guide for Home and Foreign Missions by David J. Hesselgrave, Earl J. Blomberg – Religion – 1980 – 462 pages – About this book
Reformation in Foreign Missions by Bob Finley – 2005 – 268 pages After being involved in missionary evangelism throughout the world for 60 years, the author maintains that traditional missionary methods are in dire need of… About this book
The Bridges of God: A Study in the Strategy of Missions by Donald A. McGavran – 1996 – 176 pages – About this book
The Changing Face of World Missions: Engaging Contemporary Issues And Trends by Michael Pocock, Gailyn Van Rheenen, Douglas McConnell – 2005 – 391 pages The Changing Face of World Missions is for the mission-minded church leader or lay person who wants About this book
The Common Task: A Theology of Christian Mission by Melchizedec Thomas Thangaraj – Religion – 1999 – 168 pages Having established this specifically Christian interpretation of the common …
of Scripture and our understanding of the history of Christian missions…
The Complete Student Missions Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide to Lead Your … by Ridge Burns – Religion – 1990 “Youth Specialties.” – About this book
The Cross-Cultural Process in Christian History: Studies in the Transmission by Andrew F. Walls – 2002 – 284 pages … Christianity Reconsidered Assessing Christian Progress and Decline A library, … whose arrival in New Haven initiated American missions to West Africa. … About this book
The Early Christian Mission Set by Eckhard J. Schnabel – Religion – 2004 – 1928 pages In a two-volume work, Eckhard J. Schnabel offers a comprehensive and definitive examination of the first century of missionary expansion–from Jesus to the…
The Encyclopaedia of Missions: Descriptive, Historical, Biographical … by Edwin Munsell Bliss – 2003 – 1356 pages … volumes reprint the original 1891 edition of the foremost nineteenth-century English-language reference work on Christian missions throughout the world. About this book
The Story of Faith Missions by Klaus Fiedler – Religion – 1994 – About this book
Today’s Choices for Tomorrow’s Mission: An Evangelical Perspective on Trends … by David J. Hesselgrave – Religion – 1988 Includes Indexes. – About this book
Transforming Culture: A Challenge for Christian Mission by Sherwood G. Lingenfelter – Social Science – 1998 – 192 pages The revision is substantially shorter, more readable, focuses more specifically on case studies, contains more material on conflict resolution, and makes… – About this book
UK Christian Handbook. by P W Brierley – Christianity – 1982 – 420 pages Published by: MARC Europe, Evangelical Alliance, 1987/88 ed.
Witness to the World: The Christian Mission in Theological Perspective by David J. Bosch – Religion – 2006 – 277 pages Previously published by John Knox Press, 1980. – About this book
Women and Missions: Past and Present : Anthropological and Historical … by Fiona Bowie, Deborah Kirkwood, Shirley Ardener – 1993 … and contemporary material of the impact of Christian missions on women. Women actively absorbed and adapted the teachings of the Christian…




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