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Arquivo da Universidade de Coimbra: Archive of the University of Coimbra
Contemporary Portuguese Politics and History Research Centre: “The CPHRC has collected and translated several hundred documents, newspaper articles and interviews with political leaders. The material contained in these pages has been collected in the course of academic research in Portuguese archives and libraries. Please note that copyright exists on all English translations.”
Henry the Navigator: Prince Henry the Navigator (1394-­1460) of Portugal, was known as the patron of navigation and exploration.
History of Portugal
Illustrious Portuguese Navigators: The great navigators/sailors
O Exercito portugues em finais do Antigo Regime: A história do exercito portugues num periodo que compreende as Invasoes Francesas de Portugal, parte da Guerra Peninsular.
Portugal, the Colonizer of Brazil: Brief notes on Portugal in the early national period.

Primary Documents

ATLAS: Cartografia Histórica
Encompassing the Globe: Portugal and the World in the 16th and 17th Centuries
Exploration and Expansion
Medieval Sourcebook: Portugal

Geography / Maps

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Portuguese culture
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Portugal: Appointment Alert! Making appointments
Portugal: Business Dress Guidelines for business dress
Portugal: Conversation Welcome topics of conversation
Portugal: First Name or Title? – Part 1 How to address people with respect
Portugal: First Name or Title? – Part 2 Details of the Portuguese system of titles
Portugal: Gift Giving Selecting and presenting an appropriate business gift
Portugal: Let’s Make a Deal! – Part 1 Portuguese business culture – general
Portugal: Let’s Make a Deal! – Part 2 Corporate culture, cultural strengths
Portugal: Let’s Make a Deal! – Part 3 Negotiating – general, strategy, tactics
Portugal: Let’s Make a Deal! – Part 4 Negotiating – behaviour
Portugal: Prosperous Entertaining – Part 1 Meals
Portugal: Prosperous Entertaining – Part 2 Food & wines, home & family
Portugal: Prosperous Entertaining – Part 3 Inviting and paying
Portugal: Public Behaviour Acceptable public conduct

Demographics / Needs

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