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Tons of links to Chinese Christian Resources – Bibles, New Testaments, audio, dvd, tracts, books, etc…      From   (a GREAT site by the way for missionary resources in general)

4 Spiritual Laws
Share the Good News to your friends and family using the 4 Spiritual Laws. 4 Spiritual Laws is a booklet available in different languages including Chinese. Instruction on how to use this tract is also on their website.


AFC (Ambassadors for Christ) is an online Chinese bookstore. If you are looking for devotions, books about faith, family, church, mission, music, Bibles, theological books, etc written in Chinese language, visit this website.

Ambassadors for Christ
Reach Chinese Intellectuals for Christ in this generation. Ambassadors for Christ endeavors to share the gospel to Chinese Intellectuals through literature, conventions, and campus ministries. Aside from proclaiming the Gospel, AFC also mobilizes Chinese believers to be a vital force for God’s kingdom.

Antioch Missions – Chinese Church Support Ministries
AM-CCSM provides an opportunity for Christians from around the world to serve in China for short- and long-term; strengthens, resources and equips the Chinese church with Bibles and Christian teaching materials, and; supports the people of China through informed prayer and mercy projects amongst the poor, needy and orphaned. You can find these links in their website: Prayer updates, Antioch School of Missions, Short-term teams, printing ministry, mercy ministry, China Challenge (AM-CCSM publication), news, and podcasts.

Asia Harvest
Asia Harvest is an inter-denominational Christian ministry working in China and other nations of Asia, helping with strategic and life-changing projects, and seeing God perform exciting and extraordinary things. Asia Harvest features the following on their website: Newsletters, bookstore, testimonies, Paul Hattaway’s blog, videos, quiz, and many more. You can purchase books and CDs in English and Chinese at the bookstore. Paul Hattaway’s books like Operation China, The Heavenly Man, China’s Books of Martyrs, and many more can be also purchased at Asia Harvest online bookstore.

Asian Book One
Asian Book One is a site with many quality Christian Books, software, and other products recommended by Christian scholars. You can find many books written in Chinese or other languages. The website is also written in Chinese (with English translation).

Asian Outreach
Get involved in releasing the love of Christ; join Asian Outreach, a non-governmental organization that has been empowering and transforming the lives of needy people in 18 nations including China. To accomplish the goal, Asian Outreach create sustainable social and spiritual indigenous programs that are holistic and are designed to impact lives at the individual, community and national levels. Visit their website for more information.

Audio Bibles for the Blind
God’s Word is now available to the Chinese blind, visually impaired and print-handicapped people through Audio Bibles for the Blind. Each eligible person may receive a copy of the Scriptures in audio cassette or MP3 formats free on request with verification of impairment. Bible is available in Cantonese, Mandarin and other languages.

Back to the Bible
In partnership with Trans World Radio, Back to the Bible strives to reach the Chinese people with the message of the Gospel. Now, over 900 million Chinese can access Back to the Bible’s systematic teaching of the World. Go and tell your Chinese friends about this website.

Bamboo OMF Kiwi-Asian Resources
Bamboo is the place to come for Bibles and literature in Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Indonesian, Khmer and many other languages. You can find books, videos, tapes, etc. And if they don’t have, they’ll get it for you! Bamboo is a place for connecting people to what they need, whether that be a local church or someone to help translate for them.

Baptist Press
Get the latest news with a Christian perspective at Baptist Press’ website. Just type China in the search engine to take you to articles and news about Christ’s church in China or anything related to China.

BBN (Bible Broadcasting Network)
Bible Broadcasting Network (BBN) is an online Christian Radio Station. You can listen to Christian music or radio programs in Chinese or other languages (Mandarin Christian Radio Station Streamed Online, Chinese Traditional Christian Radio Station Streamed Online, Chinese Simplified Christian Radio Station Streamed Online).

BBN Radio Online Chinese Bible Institute

You can also enroll on courses offered at BBN’s Bible Institute or chat with other Chinese. It is in Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified languages.

Bible League International
Help change and comfort the hearts of spoiled and lonely children in China by using the Bible League’s beautifully illustrated Children’s Story Bible. Search the book or put China or Chinese in the search engine.

Bible Light Publishers
Bible Light Publishers produces good fundamental Christian literature. Books by Mr. G. C. Willis, a missionary in Mainland, China, and the late Chinese Pastor Wang Ming Tao, can be availed in this online Christian bookstore. There are also books written by other authors.


Breakthrough Ministries is serving the young people in Hong Kong through media, counselling, youth services, and community living. It produces two monthly magazines, 400 book titles, weekly radio program, 20 television programs per year, and it launched the first Chinese on-line magazine, a, and cyber-festivals for youth. Support or join this ministry and help change the lives of Chinese young people.

Bridges International
Bridges International provides practical assistance to those who are reaching out to Chinese graduate students and scholars. Their website has many materials that can help in proclaiming the Good News. They have materials for answering tough questions related to Christianity, ministry materials, resources about China’s culture and communication, articles, and many more.

Brigada is a weekly internet newsletter. It occasionally has information on missions work and resources for China. You may put China or Chinese or Mandarin in the search engine on the home

Caring For China
Caring for China is a non-profit Christian organization. Among the programs it administers are Teachers for China (sends people into China to teach English in colleges, universities, and schools), Caring for China’s Children (provides care for orphans in a number of locations in China) and Health for China (delivers various health-related programs within China). Further information on these programs can obtained from their website.

CC Bookstore
Enter into the CC Bookstore, an online bookstore with top seller Christian books in Chinese language. Browse through their catalogue and see what Christian book interests you.

CCM Book room
CCM Book room publishes devotional books, Bible study tools, Sunday school materials, sermon tapes, audio books, CDs, and tracts for evangelism and spiritual growth. Online ordering is available in addition to ordering by phone.

China’s Millions
A missionary who is preparing for mission trip to China needs to know the country’s history, culture and society, people, religion, and issues and events. This website will be very helpful in giving information on these matters.

China Christian Books
China Christian Books is where you can find Christian Classics, Bible Commentaries, Sermons, Christian Stories, and Biographies of great Chinese Christian men and women, as well as foreign missionaries who had been to China. The website is available in English and Chinese languages.

China for Jesus
Articles written by Mainland Chinese believers can be read in China for Jesus website. Words are written and translated by themselves for people who cannot read Chinese. Articles from China for Jesus can be freely shared to everybody with proper attribution to the website.

China Member Care
Several free online materials are now available in Chinese to help support Chinese Christian workers. Collectively, they are called “Running to Win – Resources for Chinese Workers.” Each article has a short introduction to orient the readers about its relevance to Chinese contexts. Currently, all materials, except the Chinese audios, are both in Chinese and English languages.

China Outreach Ministries 
China Outreach Ministries’ focus is on “Giving Christ to China’s Future Leaders” by showing them the love of Christ in practical ways, by leading them to faith in Christ, by discipling, training and mentoring them in Christian faith, and by equipping them to minister creatively to other Chinese people. You can be part of this ministry by joining them or supporting their programs.

China Partner
Serving the Church in China – a partnership between God, the Chinese, and you! To fulfill the Great Commission China Partner holds trainings for Chinese Christian leaders with needed ministry insights and methods, provides Christian literature to Chinese leaders, churches, and ministry training centers, provide information about China’s culture and policies, the Chinese Church, and how to partner with God’s work there, and builds new training locations and churches with the Chinese through partnership and financial assistance. Join and support this ministry now!

China Sojourn the Children of China by Daniel Henrich
A new 40-page book has been published by media consultant Dan Henrich. Henrich writes: “This first volume represents a small number of children in China. Think of each as representing people groups who have few Christians – unreached with the Good News. I would like to challenge you to simply pray through this book of images.” The book can be previewed and ordered via the link provided.

China Soul for Christ Foundation
This is the official Chinese website of China Soul for Christ Foundation, an organization that produces books and short Christian films and documentaries. Visit this website, and watch films like Canaan Hymns, The Bitter Cup, The Cross – Jesus in China, or read books like Jesus in Beijing and many more. Films made by China Soul for Christ Foundation will surely touch your hearts and inspire you to bring the gospel to China.

Chinese Audio Bible
Listen to God’s Word and Bible lessons in China Audio Bible for free. You may also order a free CD-ROM in this website; just send them a request thru e-mail. You can find their e-mail address in their website.

Chinese Baptist Press
Chinese Baptist Press is an evangelical Christian Publishing house located at Hong Kong. They print and published Christian books written in Chinese language. You may visit their website to search for Christian books, or you may contact their bookstore.

Chinese Christian Children’s Bible;
In China, they have over 500 million children. To reach out to China’s children, Johnny Li and Open Doors’ Brother Andrew created a Children’s Bible that is effectively introducing Christ to young people, the Chinese Christian Children’s Bible. It’s a beautiful children’s Bible with about 150 stories. Up to now, Open Doors brought more than 1 million children of these children’s Bibles to China.

Chinese Christian Internet Mission
Chinese Christian Internet Mission (CCIM) is a Chinese website where you can view or download Bible Study materials, online Chinese-English Bible, and Christian journals. If you are Chinese or can read and understand the language, you can also join in faith discussions. You can also browse through CCIM link section for other Chinese websites.

Chinese Christian Mission
Chinese Christian Mission (CCM) is a non-denominational Chinese faith mission. CCM actively seeks the cooperation of evangelical churches and other agencies to reach the Chinese to reach the world. CCM distributes periodicals and audio-visuals for free.

Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism
Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism (CCCOWE) provides individual believers, churches, and the Chinese Church as a whole, with assistance to fulfill the Great Commission. You can be part of this movement by joining or supporting them. You can visit the Prayer Room in their website or the Chinese Around the World, CCCOWE’s magazine for updates.

Chinese English Bible & Christian Bookstore
Chinese English Bible & Christian Bookstore offers Chinese Mandarin Bible, Bilingual English Chinese Holy Bible, Christian books, Chinese devotional, Bible study materials, tracts, children’s Mandarin Christian Bibles, Jesus & Bible stories, Chinese Christian worship hymns, Stream of Praise CDs, church supplies, Chinese Sunday school books, and Chinese evangelical books about God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

Chinese Institute
Do you plan to interface with the Chinese world-whether here, there or anywhere? If so, consider the new intensive courses Chinese Institute designed to help you acquire the language you need to minister in an effective and culturally appropriate manner. Instruction covers the language, culture, and history. The goal is competence, which means fluency and accuracy in the language, sensitivity and servanthood in the culture, and personal responsibility and perseverance in the learning process. Native-speaker professionals trained in modern methodology provide the language instruction.

Chinese Today
Chinese Today, a monthly periodical featuring reflections on life, insight unto current events, problem analysis and searching for truth. 80,000 copies are being circulated per month (North American version, including traditional and simplified Chinese versions). Get your own copy now!

Seekers of the Truth are always welcome in Christian A worldwide evangelism, education and discipleship ministry of Films for Christ (also known as Eden Communications), is a mega-site freely providing biblical answers to contemporary questions. Tell a friend about this site and get their questions answered!

Christian Bookshops in Taiwan

Chinese Christian Evangelistic Association provides addresses and contact number to different bookstores in Taiwan. If you live in Taiwan and are looking for the nearest Christian bookstore, visit this website.

Christian University Global Net (CUGN)
CUGN offers online academic programs in the following tracks: Certificate in Bible, Diploma in Biblical Studies, and a Master of Arts in Religion. Programs are designed for ministry and lay leaders who desire theological training that is more flexible and affordable. CUGN is also developing materials in Chinese.

Church in China
Find information on the latest updates about the Church in China. The mission of Church in China is to support through information resourcing and prayer; through encouragement of individual believers and travelers, and through project partnerships. You can support the mission by becoming partners with them, giving of donation, or buying books at their online bookstore.

Classic Christian Digest (simplified Chinese) (traditional Chinese)
Classic Christian Digest, a magazine of Classic Christian literature, provides best-selling Christian books and collections of the most famous Christian works to Chinese Christians. All their books and magazines can be searched online.

CLC Ministries International – Hong Kong
CLC Ministries International is an interdenominational missionary organization specializing in the distribution of Christian literature in over 50 countries throughout the world. CLC’s retail book shop in Hong Kong offers English and Chinese books, Bibles, music CDs, stationery and gifts. Browse through CLC’s catalogue for their books and other items.

Daughter of China by C. Hope Flinchbaugh
In this inspirational novel, Flinchbaugh focuses on the persecution of Christians in China during the 1990s. Her first-person fictional account of 19-year-old Kwan Mei Lin chronicles religious oppression, discrimination against women and the horrific conditions of orphanages in China. Tom White, director of Voice of the Martyrs describes the book as a gripping portrayal of women in China. “To understand the heartbeat of the Chinese church, you must read this book,” says White. This is a novel about a young woman’s faith in the face of persecution. It is reportedly a powerful tool that can be used to mobilize prayer and workers on behalf of the church in China.

Digital Bible Society
Digital Bible Society creates searchable CD Chinese Bible (reportedly easy to e-mail) for free. The CD format allows it to be copied and hidden very easily. DBS is also developing a new upgraded version and it will be out soon. Check their website for these free Chinese Bibles.

East Asia’s Millions magazine
The latest issue of East Asia’s Millions (the magazine of OMF International) contains interesting materials like articles on Missionary Kids, AIDS, community health and hospital work in Sichuan province, issues raised by OMF’s use of Christian professionals, and overview on China’s religions. The magazine also includes a large fold-out colored map showing the number of registered Christians in China in every province. Avail this magazine at OMF.

Encountering the Chinese, 2nd Edition: A Guide for Americans (The Interact Series) by Hu Wenzhong
To fathom the complex culture of China is a daunting task. Written from a secular perspective, this book rises to the challenge. A practical and sensitive cross-cultural analysis of Chinese culture, along with insights into how best to communicate and interact with Chinese people.

Ethnic Harvest
This page contains links to Bibles, stories and websites written in Chinese, which tell about Jesus and His love for the people of China. There are also links on this page that have information to help people, who want to reach out to the Chinese community, learn more about the Chinese language and culture.

Evangelism Explosion
Evangelism Explosion (EE) offers evangelism training to Christians interested in bringing the Good News to our Chinese friends. Contact person for Chinese Leadership Clinics and materials is Pastor Stephen Lam (visit website for contact information). You can also download free Chinese tracts at EE’s website.

Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God (Workbook) Chinese by Richard Blackaby, Henry Blackaby and Claude King

Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God (Workbook) in Chinese language edition is a unique, in-depth and powerful discipleship study that helps believers develop an intimate relationship with God. Through personal and group study, individuals learn to recognize when God is speaking to them, and that obedience to God results in a fresh and exciting spiritual walk.

Faith Comes By Hearing
Faith Comes By Hearing, the world’s largest audio Bible ministry, has Audio Bible recordings in 522 languages. To listen to the Bible in Chinese language, go to Free Audio Bibles link, select the Chinese language, then select which version of the Bible you want to download for free.

Far East Broadcasting Co. China
Far East Broadcasting Co. China (FEBC China) coordinates radio programs, offers two-year Bible school to train pastors and lay leaders for ministry in China, and does in-country ministry such as visiting listeners, distributing radios, CDs and other materials, holding family and marriage seminars, and other outreach projects.

Far Eastern Bible College
Study to become a pastor or a Christian worker in Far Eastern Bible College, one of the oldest Bible colleges in Singapore. FEBC provides comprehensive biblical-theological education that is based solely on Scriptures taught by spiritually and academically qualified Bible lecturers. Courses offered include Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology, Church History, Pastoral Ministry and Christian Education.

Fellowship Tract League
Affordable gospel tracts in Chinese language are available at Fellowship Tract League. There are seven (7) titles that are created in this language. Check them out yourself to see which one you would like to order and give away to your Chinese friends and loved ones.

Follow One International
Follow One International partners with Chinese churches to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost ones in China. Their ministry include training pastors, youth workers and cross cultural workers, providing caring ministries for orphans, children and families, responding to physical needs, reaching business professionals with the Gospel, and providing ministry materials and supplies.

Forum of Bible Agencies International
Find a Bible in Chinese in this website. Go to the Find a Bible link, look for the Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese or other Chinese languages links, and click on it to take you to different resources available in that language.

Global Recordings Network
Global Recordings Network provides audio resources for evangelism and basic Bible teaching in different languages. You can search for tools by languages in the resources link. Just type Chinese to show books or materials available in that language.

Gospel Light Worldwide
Help Chinese children know Jesus. Gospel Light worldwide produces Christian books and materials for children all over the world. To look for materials in Chinese language, click the link above to take you to the pdf catalogue.

Great Commission Center International
Great Commission Center International (GCCI) is an organization for mission mobilization with the purpose of mobilizing churches to be rooted in spirituality and committed in missions. GCCI’s China ministries provide pre-evangelism, evangelism and training materials for the vast need of China. They support and participate in theological and mission training programs in China, and they publish and distribute training materials/books to Chinese intellectuals, churches, and university libraries in China. Interested in helping this mission organization? Visit their website for their contact information.

Institute of Chinese Studies
If you wish to go on a mission trip to China to bring the Good News to them, you need to learn their language. Institute of Chinese Studies is a good school where you can learn how to speak Chinese. Visit their website for more information.

Institute of Chinese Studies
The Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS) is a research office with the goals of profiling unevangelized Chinese people groups worldwide, communicating a vision of these people to the Church by various means, and mobilizing forces to bring these groups the Gospel of Jesus Christ. ICS also supplies upon request data about hidden people groups of China’s remote areas. Their contact information can be viewed at the website provided.

International Bible Association
Located in Dallas, Texas, you can avail the Chinese New Testament Bible in International Bible Association. It is a publishing company that publishes Bibles in over twenty languages, as well as tracts and booklets that help support home and foreign missions. Address can be seen in the website provided.

International Mission Board
Help your congregation become more aware and active in helping reach the 1.3 billion people in China. Use IMB’s many great resources on China – posters, banners, videos, dramas, books, prayer guide, etc. Click the World Language Resources link to take you to different Chinese resources.

Whether online, on video, or on the printed page, InterVarsity resources are designed to engage your mind and your imagination. Type Chinese on InterVarsity’s search engine for their Chinese resources.

International Student Ministry
Discipleship books for Chinese Christians at International Student Ministry (ISM)
International Student Ministry sells discipleship books for Chinese Christians at the ISM Store. You can view the available Chinese Christian books at the ISM Store’s website.

Jesus Film Project
Watch the Jesus Film in Chinese, Mandarin, and Cantonese languages and other languages of China. Jesus Film is available for free viewing online in the Jesus Film Project website.
You may also buy the dvd at the Jesus Film Store.

Joshua Project
If you are interested to reach out to Chinese communities and share them about Jesus Christ, Joshua Project can help you with that. Joshua Project will provide you with the information you need about the Chinese community so your mission/ministry can become more effective. Please look under languages for the language you are looking for. You can also look for different ethnic groups.

God’s Simple Plan of Salvation tract in Chinese is one of the best tracts ever written. This tract can be ordered from Lifegate’s website.

Lock Haven Scripture Press
If you are looking for a New Testament or Bible in Chinese language, you can visit Lock Haven Scripture Press. The exact address is in the website provided.

Manna Book Store
Another great online bookstore is the Manna Book Store. The website is in Chinese for people who can read the language. Chinese Christian books and other materials to help grow your faith can be purchased in this online store.

Milwaukee Chinese Christian Bookstore
Milwaukee Chinese Christian Bookstore sells Chinese printed books by Max Lucado and other Christian authors. They also sell Chinese hymnals and Bibles.

Mission Network News
Update yourself on the latest events about the Church’s mission in China.  Look for articles and news at MNN website. Just type China on the search engine to take you to different articles about China. Podcasts, radio stations, resources, mission trips and groups are also featured at MNN.

Multi-Language Media
You can find foreign language Christian resources in Multi-Language Media. The website provides a list of tracts, Bible study materials, Bible, and books written in the Chinese language (Simplified/Traditional) in these links.

New Tribes Mission
Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ is an excellent item for sharing the Gospel to those who have not heard it or do not have a Bible background. The Bible study lesson, as well as other effective evangelism tools, is available in Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish and other languages. Look for this item in New Tribes Mission website.

No Fear Taipei
No Fear Taipei is a gospel presentation in Cantonese using Flash. Invite your non-Christian Chinese friends so they, too, can be reached by God’s saving Word.

No Frontiers
No Frontiers supplies Scriptures and Christian literature in a wide range of foreign languages. To look for literature in Chinese, select Chinese (Simplified/Classical) in the Languages section; a list of available books and items in the Chinese language will appear.

OMF International
Lots of books related to China and Christianity are sold at OMF online bookstore. You may find the one you are looking for here in this website. You can browse by category or just type the title of the book at the search engine.

Open Doors USA
Open Doors USA works in the world’s most oppressive countries including China. Their mission is to strengthen Christians to stand strong in the face of persecution and equipping them to shine Christ’s light in these dark places. Open Doors USA has information on China on their website.

Operation China
Operation China is a beautiful introduction to the world’s largest mission field, China. Written by Paul Hattaway, this book is also available in CD-ROM. Operation China CD-ROM includes full text and maps from the book, over 704 full-color photographs of 490 people groups, important new and ethnographical and anthropological material, statistics, and linguistic classifications. Operation China is also available at

Outreach sites in Chinese
These sites are launched by an Asian-based team. They are truly designed for non-Christian Chinese readers (and even less in Japanese). The goal is to introduce Jesus Christ to our non-Christian Chinese friends strategically.

Overseas Campus Magazine
Overseas Campus Magazine is one of the best magazines for reaching out to Chinese students and scholars. It contains many testimonies by educated Mainland Chinese. It is pre-evangelistic and evangelistic in nature. Overseas Campus Magazine is available online in Chinese and English languages.

Overseas Campus Ministries
Be part of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, building up the Christian’s spiritual life, providing training for campus ministry workers, instilling the vision of evangelizing Chinese intellectuals, and mobilizing the Chinese people in world evangelism by joining or supporting Overseas Campus Ministries. This ministry targets Chinese intellectuals through the use of literature, media, and discipleship/leadership training. Visit their website for more information.

The Perspectives Study Program is a ministry of the US Center for World Mission – a non-denominational parachurch ministry that works with churches, mission agencies, and campus ministries around the world. This movement has developed dozens of seminars, courses, and materials for their study program. Perspective will soon launch a Chinese version of their website. Chinese Christians may now take a course or class in their own language.

Pray for China
Jesus Christ loves China too, and He wants to reach out to the Chinese people. Be involved in this vision by praying for China. Visit the website to learn more about the concerns we should be praying every day for our Chinese friends, brothers, and sisters.

Red Runs the River by Anthony Bollback

This is a book born of passion that Anthony Bollback has for the Chinese people. The book tells of an unforgettable, authentic, historical novel revealing the horrific intensity of the persecution suffered by Christians in China since 1949, but the gates of hell could not overcome China’s courageous believers of Jesus Christ. Read this book and weep, laugh, and rejoice.

Sammy Tippit Ministries
Sammy Tippit Ministries exists to glorify God by evangelizing the world for Christ.  Their website features news, weekly subscription to their devotional, revival ministries, media materials, a store and STM books. Just type China or Chinese. You can also join their ministry as a contributor or part of the prayer team.

Serving China
No one loves China more than Jesus Christ, and you can be part of that love by serving our Master in China. If you plan on evangelizing there, go prepared. Serving China provides the most helpful training tools, Chinese evangelistic materials, information, strategies, and contacts in order to optimally bless China in the name of Jesus Christ.

Source of Light Ministries International;

Source of Light Ministries International is a publishing house, sending agency, supportive resource for national ministries, and partner with many of the leading mission agencies. They provide Christ-centered Bible lessons and other tools to bring the Light around the world. Browse through their Tools for Ministry and see the tools they are producing for use in Chinese and other languages by bringing them to God.

The Heavenly Man by Brother Yun with Paul Hattaway
The Heavenly man is a remarkable true story of a Chinese Christian, Brother Yun. This is the intensely dramatic story of one of China’s house church leaders, a man who, despite his relative youth, suffered prolonged torture and imprisonment under the Chinese government and has been used by God to lead many Chinese to Christ. It’s impossible to read this book with dry eyes. You will learn not the three P’s of pastoral maintenance, programs and politics that mark the church in the West, but of passion for Jesus, persecution and power of the Holy Spirit.

The Voice of the Martyrs
The Voice of the Martyrs is a non-profit, interdenominational organization with a vision for aiding Christians around the world who are being persecuted for their faith in Christ. Read stories and news update about the latest events, especially in China, here at The Voice of the Martyrs. There are also books, magazines, prayer calendar, prisoner alerts, and DVDs available in the website.

Three of China’s Mighty Men: Leaders of the Chinese Church Under Persecution by Leslie Lyall
Three of China’s Mighty Men: Leaders of the Chinese Church Under Persecution follows the stories of three great leaders of China’s church in the 20th century – Wang Ming-Dao, Nee Duo-Sheng, and Yang Shao-Tang. Lyall brings out their different personalities, analyses the effect they had on the church and compares their views in key areas.

Tien Dao Christian Bookstore
Tien Dao Christian Bookstore operates online to sell Christian books, Bibles, CDs and other items. Visit their website to look for exciting products you may want to give to your friends and family as you share God’s word to them.

Trans World Radio
Trans World Radio, one of the largest international Christian broadcasting networks in existence, serves to reach the lost and also nurture believers in China. Their website features Chinese radio programs, Chinese audio Bible, e-cards, and resources for learning English. They distribute Radio Church Kits and study materials to house churches in China. TWR is also airing a Mandarin-language radio broadcast, Truth in a Test Tube, which aims at introducing Chinese students to the Bible and to the Gospel message. Aside from their website, TWR also manages their own Facebook fan page.

Turning Bricks into Jade: Critical Incidents for Mutual Understanding among Chinese and Americans by Mary Margaret Wang, et. al.
In this book, forty-one examples are presented of dilemmas or misunderstandings brought about by cultural differences in expectations and behavior. Each incident is followed by a discussion of the possible solutions, which are concise cross-cultural lessons in themselves. Concepts useful to understanding Chinese-American interaction are given.

Ultimate Questions by John Blanchard 
Ultimate Questions by John Blanchard is an excellent booklet for sharing the gospel with family and friends. It answers 12 key questions about God, man, sin, heaven, hell, and salvation. This book is available in Chinese language (Classical/Traditional/Simplified).


From the website  Chinese Christian Resources:  

(recommendation by Brigada  – “This website has information on Chinese Christian books, booklets, Bibles, Evangelism Training, Audio, DVDs, tracts, children’s materials and more. Please visit”)

Lifeway’s Chinese Christian Resources Chinese ( Mandarin ) Evangelistic Website