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Itlalian History (middle ages to modern)
Italy books at classified as “history”

Primary Documents

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Rome
Greek and Roman Materials Found on the The Perseus Digital Library
The Formation of Latin Christendom: The Roman Church
Holy Roman Empire: Empire and Papacy
Italian Renaissance
Historical Documents of Italy
The Catholic Reformation:
19th Century Italy

Geography / Maps

Mission Atlas Project – Europe (click on country to right)
Italy Maps at Perry-Castaneda Map Collection at the University of Texas
Italy at


Italian culture
From Culture of Italy

At Executive Planet

Italy: Appointment Alert! Making appointments
Italy: Business Dress Guidelines for business dress
Italy: Conversation Welcome topics of conversation
Italy: First Name or Title? Addressing others with respect
Italy: Gift Giving Selecting and presenting an appropriate business gift
Italy: Let’s Make a Deal! – Part 1 What you should know before negotiating
Italy: Let’s Make a Deal! – Part 2 What you should know before negotiating
Italy: Prosperous Entertaining – Part 1 Entertaining for business success
Italy: Prosperous Entertaining – Part 2 Entertaining for business success
Italy: Prosperous Entertaining – Part 3 Entertaining for business success
Italy: Public Behaviour Acceptable public conduct

IntraText Digital Library

Demographics / Needs

National Institute of Statistics


Italian at
CORIS/CODIS contemporary written Italian
BADIP (Banca dati dell’italiano parlato) containing an online edition of the 500,000 word LIP-Corpus.
Tesoro della Lingua Italiana delle Origini
travlang’s Translating Dictionaries Online French, Italian and Spanish Dictionary
Accademia Italiana di Lingua (the professional association of schools, institutions and experts in the field of teaching Italian as a foreign language)
Italian Language Schools
Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language


Head of State:
National Assembly:




All news at Italy
Corriere della Serra




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