How to Learn Another Language (48 page Pdf)

Introducing Second Language Acquisition:  A ‘classic’ text by Muriel Saville-Troike (academic book)

Language Miniatures by W. Z. Shetter, 1998-2006   – 172 essays on linguistics, foreign languages, English, grammar, vocabulary, culture, history and more.Very interesting stuff.

Language Learning, Literacy and Learning Disabilities (123 page manual for teachers)

Peace Corps Volunteer On-going Language Learning Manual 2000 – Nice book with strategies for learning a language on your own, motivation, planning, communication skills, language styles etc.

Principles of Language Learning and Teaching by Douglas Brown (academic book 347 pages)

Second Language Acquisition & Second Language Learning by S. D. Krashen, 1981 – Academic book on how people learn second languages, with lots of examples from research and case studies.

Success with foreign languages by Earl W. Stevick  – A book about different strategies 7 language learners used.

The Complete Guide to Learning a Language by G. James, 2003 – Lengthy e-book that covers almost all aspects of language learning,  including grammar, reading, conversation, vocabulary, motivation, fluency and more.

The Polyglot Project: How to Learn Multiple Languages by C. Cartaginese, 2010 – E-book with over 500 pages of language learning tips by many different polyglots and language learners. Great resource, and shows the diversity of methods that polyglots use to learn languages.

Whole World Guide to Language Learning By Terry Marshall Intercultural Press.

At 15 of the Best Books and Articles on Language Acquisition as selected by Questia librarians

Assessment Considerations in the Evaluation of Second-Language Learners: A Case Study, in Exceptional Children by Naomi B. Schiff-Myers, Janine Djukic, Daisy Perez, Janine McGovern-Lawler. 12 pgs. …
Foreign Language Learning: Psycholinguistic Studies on Training and Retention by Alice F. Healy, Lyle E. Bourne Jr. 460 pgs.
Handbook of Undergraduate Second Language Education by Judith W. Rosenthal. 380 pgs. …This volume offers the most comprehensive, up-to-date description of the wide array of second language programs currently available to undergraduate students in the United…
Input, Interaction, and the Second Language Learner by Susan M. Gass. 208 pgs.
Second and Foreign Language Learning through Classroom Interaction by Joan Kelly Hall, Lorrie Stoops Verplaetse. 328 pgs. …This volume brings together the current theoretical interest in reconceptualizing second and foreign language learning from a sociocultural perspective on language .
Second Language Acquisition and the Critical Period Hypothesis by David Birdsong. 208 pgs.
Second Language Acquisition and Universal Grammar by Lydia White. 316 pgs. …This authoritative textbook is an overview and analysis of current second language acquisition research, conducted within the generative linguistic framework. It argues for…
Second Language Acquisition: An Introductory Course by Susan M. Gass, Larry Selinker. 360 pgs.
Second Language Acquisition: Theory and Pedagogy by Fred R. Eckman, Diane Highland, Peter W. Lee, Jean Mileham, Rita Rutkowski Weber. 326 pgs.
Second Language Classroom Research: Issues and Opportunities by Susan Gass, Jacquelyn Schachter. 187 pgs.
Second-Language Acquisition in Childhood, Vol. 1: Preschool Children by Barry McLaughlin.
Second-Language Acquisition in Childhood, Vol. 2: School-Age Children by Barry McLaughlin.
The Generative Study of Second Language Acquisition by Suzanne Flynn, Gita Martohardjono, Wayne O’Neil. 384 pgs.
Writing Development and Second Language Acquisition in Young Children, in Childhood Education by Blanche Perotta. 5 pgs.


A Developmental Psycholinguistic Approach to Second Language Teaching: (Contemporary Studies in Second Language Learning) by Traute Taeschner (1991)
Age And the Rate of Foreign Language Learning (Second Language Acquisition) by Carmen Munoz (2006)
And Then There Were Two: Children and Second Language Learning (2nd Edition) (The Pippin Teacher’s Library) by Terry Piper (2001)
Appraising Research in Second Language Learning: A Practical Approach to Critical Analysis of Quantitative Research (Language Learning and Language Teaching, V. 3) by Graeme Keith Porte (2002)
Approaches to Research in Second Language Learning by Donna M. Johnson (1991)
Artificial Intelligence in Second Language Learning: Raising Error Awareness (Second Language Acquisition) by Marina Dodigovic (2005)
Becoming A Language Teacher: A Practical Guide to Second Language Learning and Teaching by Elaine K Horwitz (2007)
Bilingualism, Multiculturalism, and Second Language Learning: The Mcgill Conference in Honour of Wallace E. Lambert by Allan G. Reynolds (Mar 1, 1991)
Content-Based Second Language Teaching and Learning: An Interactive Approach, MyLabSchool Edition by Marjorie Hall Haley and Theresa Y. Austin (Jan 2, 2005)
Critical Issues in EARLY Second Language Learning: Building for Our Children’s Future by Myriam Met (Dec 1998)
Cross-Linguistic Similarity in Foreign Language Learning (Second Language Acquisition) by Hakan Ringbom (Feb 15, 2007)
dentity and Second Language Learning: Culture, Inquiry, and Dialogic Activity in Educational Contexts (PB) (Contemporary Language and Education) (Contemporary Language Studies in Education) by Miguel Mnatero (Dec 13, 2006)
Dual Language Development and Disorders: A Handbook on Bilingualism and Second Language Learning (Communication and Language Intervention Series) by Fred Genesee, Johanne Paradis, and Martha B. Crago (Jul 2004)
Foreign and Second Language Learning (Cambridge Books for Language Teachers) (1990)
Foreign and Second Language Learning: Language Acquisition Research and its Implications for the Classroom (Cambridge Language Teaching Library) by William Littlewood (Jun 29, 1984)
Handbook of Research in Second Language Teaching and Learning by Eli Hinkel (Jan 14, 2005)
How To Learn Any Language: Quickly, Easily, Inexpensively, Enjoyably and on Your Own by Barry Farber (April 1, 2001)
Individual Differences in Second-Language Learning (Second Language Acquisition Series) by Peter Skehan (Mar 1, 1989)
Instructed Second Language Acquisition: Learning in the Classroom (Applied Language Studies) by Rod Ellis (Jan 15, 1991)
Language and Cognitive Development in Second Language Learning: Educational Implications for Children and Adults by Virginia Gonzalez (Jun 15, 1998)
Language Learning IS communication–IS Ministry ! And Bonding and the Missionary Task by E. Thomas Brewster and Elizabeth S. Brewster (1984)
Learning About Language Assessment: Dilemmas, Decisions, and Directions by Kathleen Bailey (Oct 15, 1997)
Learning Vocabulary in Another Language (Cambridge Applied Linguistics) by I. S. P. Nation (April 2, 2001)
Principles of Language Learning and Teaching (5th Edition) by H. Douglas Brown (Jun 1, 2006)
Second Language Acquisition and Second Language Learning (Language Teaching Methodology Series) by Stephen Krashen (Mar 1981)
Second Language Grammar: Learning and Teaching (Applied Linguistics and Language Study) by William E. Rutherford (Sep 1987)
Second Language Learning and Language Teaching by Vivian Cook (May 31, 2001)
Second Language Learning Theories (Arnold Publication) by Rosamond Mitchell and Florence Myles (Aug 26, 2004)
Second Language Learning Through Cooperative Learning by Julie High (Mar 1993)
Second Language Teaching & Learning by David Nunan (Jul 28, 1998)
Second-language Learning: Myth and Reality (Penguin Modern Linguistics Texts) by Paul Christophersen (Jan 30, 1973)
Sociocultural Theory and Second Language Learning (Oxford Applied Linguistics) by James P. Lantolf (Mar 27, 2000)
Strategies in Learning and Using a Second Language (Applied Linguistics and Language Study) by Andrew D. Cohen (May 1998)
The Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast by A. G. Hawke (Sep 1, 2000)
Theories of Second-Language Learning (Second Language Acquisition) by Barry McLaughlin (Jun 1, 1987)
Understanding Second Language Learning Difficulties (Looking Beneath the Surface) by Madeline E. Ehrman (Sep 26, 1996)