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An Interview Schedule for Church Leaders When Visiting Missionaries On The Field,” Michael Landon and Ed Mathews.
Helping Churches Do More Effective Mission Work,” Dan Hardin. Lubbock Christian University
Helping Mission Committees to Inform The Congregation And to Implement Their Oversight of Mission Efforts,” Gaston Tarbet. Abilene Christian University
Mission Committees: The Crucial Link in World Evangelism,” Ed Mathews.
Supporting Churches: Evaluation of Their Performance by Missionaries,” Ed Mathews


At missbks(a great site by someone with a heart for missions)

The ReEntry Team: Caring For Your Returning Missionaries by Neal PiroloPaperback ISBN 1880185075
Re-Entry : Making the Transition from Missions to Life at Home by Peter Jordan Paperback (September 1996)
The Art of Coming Home: How to Readjust to Your Home Culture by Craig Storti Paperback (2001) Nicholas Brealey Intercultural – While from a “secular” viewpoint – this book is frequently recommended. He also has a book on The Art of Crossing Cultures.
Serving As Senders : How to Care for Your Missionaries While They Are Preparing to Go, While They Are on the Field, When They Return Home by Neal Pirolo Paperback (August 1991) Emmaus Road Intl

At Excellent indepth Articles by David Mays (Director of Learning Initiatives and Church Relations For The Mission Exchange [EFMA]) “to make a point about missions.”


Communicating Missions
Four Kinds of Pastors
Mission Trips – What Are We Doing?
Missions: Foundation Fractures in the North American Church
Supporting Our Own
The Coming Missionary ‘Crisis’
The Domestication of the Great Commission
The Expanding Scope of Missions
The Great Distortion
Top Missions Challenges for the Changing US Church
What is Missions – And Why does it Matter? (EXCELLENT!) missions is no longer the purpose of the church but a program of the church……
What is the Bible All About?
Why Mission Organizations Should Expect to Keep Tightening Their Belts
World Evangelism and the Purpose of the Church

Brief Items

Changing Missions Dynamics
How Does a Visitor Know Your Church’s Priorities?
Missions Questions to Ask senior Pastor Candidates
Ten Main Things
Ten Steps to an Effective Mission Trip
The Image and Substance of Missions: Three Critical Issues
What Shapes Your Missions Ministry


Finding Your Niche in Missions
What is Missions and Why Does It Matter?


A Visit to the Rescue Mission
Building the Church
Do As I Say…
Feeding the Hungry
Go-Karts and Power Steering
Measuring Results
Missionary Vehicle
Selling Pepsi
The Dream
The Missionary Bulletin Board
Three Great Ideas and How They Grew

At Excellent indepth Articles by David Mays (Director of Learning Initiatives and Church Relations For The Mission Exchange [EFMA]) “to help missions pastors:

When you need a missions pastor
Where to find a missions pastor
Considerations for finding a missions pastor
Profile of a missions pastor
Job description for a missions pastor
Orientation for missions pastors
New Missions Pastor Handbook
Toughest issues for missions pastors
Leadership obstacles for missions pastors

At Recommendations and indepth reviews by David Mays (Director of Learning Initiatives and Church Relations For The Mission Exchange [EFMA]) You can also subscribe for a free newsletter and/or purchase 650 book reviews on a CD Click on the links below to see

Antioch Revisited, Tom Julien, BMH Books, Winona Lake, IN
Becoming a World Changing Church, David Mays, ACMC
Church Missions Policy Handbook, ACMC
Cultivating a Missions Active Church, ACMC
Get your Church Involved in Missions, Michael Griffiths
Global Access Planner, Bruce Camp, ACMC
How Missions Mobilized is Your Church? ACMC
How to Get Your Congregation Involved in Missions, David Mays
How to Operate an Effective Missions Leadership Team, David Mays
Six Dangerous Questions, Paul Borthwick, IVP
Stuff You Need to Know About Doing Missions, David Mays, 4 volumes on CD
Today’s All-Star Missions Churches, Tom Telford, Baker


At Mission Resource Network   (Great site for TONS of missions resources)



Van Gelder, Craig. “Defining the Center–Finding the Boundaries: The Challenge of Re-Visioning the Church in North America for the Twenty-First Century.” Missiology 22:3 (July 1994): 317-37. (North America MUST be seen as a cross-cultural missions field)
West, Charles C. “Gospel for American Culture: Variations on a Theme by Newbigin.” Missiology 19:4 (October 1991): 431-41.

Developing Barnabas Support Teams



Beals, Art. When the Saints Go Marching Out! Mobilizing the Church for Mission. Louisville, Kentucky: Geneva Press, 2001.
Finley, Bob Reformation In Foreign Missions (April 16, 2005)
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Johnstone, Patrick. The Church is Bigger Than You Think: The Unfinished Work of World Evangelization. Ross-shire, Scotland : Christian Focus Publications, 1998.
Lefever, Peter; Henry Beyerhaus The Responsible Church and the Foreign Mission (1964)
Phillips, Tom, Robert W. Norsworthy, W. Terry Whalin, and Terry Whalin The World at Your Door (Jun 1997)
Rickett, Daniel Building Strategic Relationships: A Practical Guide to Partnering With Non-Western Missions (2003)
Telford, Tom and Lois Shaw Todays All-Star Missions Churches: Strategies to Help Your Church Get Into the Game (Oct 1, 2001)

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