Barnabas International “We are committed to providing encouragement to God’s global servants through.

– Going: We travel to the fields of service to provide an “on sight” ministry of presence.
– Listening: We ask questions, taking time to listen to the servant’s story.
– Speaking: We minister the Word of God through preaching and teaching as pastoral care providers.
– Giving: We believe that encouragement is fundamentally a gift of grace.
See especially their Encouragement Online Magazine for relevant and timely articles

CARES (Canada)
Caring for Others
catalyst intl
Christian Encounter Ministry
Church Initiative
Core Member Care
Cross cultural “Having completed a career in teaching psychology at Asbury College, Dr. Ron Koteskey and his wife Bonnie are volunteering their time to provide mental health resources for cross-cultural workers around the world. As part of this service they have developed a series of brochures / articles, and written five e-books: “Coming Home”: The Re-entry Transition, We’re Going Home: Reentry for Elementary School Children (with a guide for parents), What Cross-Cultural Workers Ought to Know, one for parents titled Understanding Adolescence, and one for TCKs titled Third Culture Kids and Adolescence, Cultural Creations.”
Emmaus Road International
ESA Member Care    Facebook group here
International Teams
International Training Partners
LinkCare Center


Member Care Associates   (Member care resources in Spanish)
Mission to the World
Mission Training International
Missionary Care

Missionary Care Database
Web Links

MK Connection
Task Force for Member Care (MemCa) tons of articles and links


   A Guide to Understanding and Coping with Compassion Fatigue

Evaluating Your Missionaries: When, Why And How
Missionary Care Through Care Teams
Missionary Care Through Short-Term Teams
Preparing for Re-entry by Dr Debbie Hawker 06/05

At .Missionary see below or download the entire series (as well as the stewardship of self series) “The e-book is free and may be distributed to others as well.”

   Topics Covered:

Adolescence & Youth
Aging Parents
Books on Missionary Care
Books For and About TCKs
Children’s Adjustment
Comparison & Envy
Coping with Change
Culture Stress
Each Other
Healing of Memories
Loneliness New!
Maintaining Mental and Physical Health
Maintaining Sexual Purity
Managing Money
Member Care
Ministry Separation
Psychological Testing
Saying Goodbye
Sexual Abuse
Sexual Stress
Suffering New!
Suicide New!


At database you can download their Missionary Care Database “This database may be searched online or downloaded for personal use. Following is a description of the database as well as information about its development, advantages, limitations, duplications and making suggestions.” (EXCELLENT)


At Global Member Care Network  (WEA)





burn out





crisis/trauma response

cross-cultural adjustment



domestic violence





member care

mental health



Pre-Field Training




sexual abuse


spiritual formation





At Missions Resource Network  (TONS of resources)

At SENDu   (Great site for tons of resources)

Dealing with the Busyness and Stress of Ministry

also See section on burnout on the Emotional Wellness page.


At Cross cultural (FREE E-Books)

What Cross-Cultural Workers Ought to Know
“Coming Home:” The Reentry Transition
We’re Going Home: Reentry for Elementary Children
I Don’t Want to Go Home: Parent’s Guide for Reentry for Elementary Children
Understanding Adolescence
Third Culture Kids and Adolescence: Cultural Creations

At SENDu   (Great site for tons of resources)

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Overcoming in the Struggle with Pornography (from SENDu)

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