Aspects of Next Language Acquisition– Michael Lessard-Clouston, Biola  (links to tons of articles, books, and other sites)
EF International Language Schools “The World’s Largest Language School”
Electric Editors Home Page

Enchanted Learning  (online multi-language dictionary)

Ethnologue Database
European Minority Languages
Foreign Languages for Travelers

Growing Participator Approach

I Love Languages  (formerly known as Human Languages Page)
Institute for CC Training Wheaton

Language Acquisition – Stephen Krashen  (tons of articles and links)

Language Tutoring General-interest site about language learning, with articles about language history, tips for choosing and learning a new language, common phrases, and more.
Lingua House

LingQ helps over one million language learners reach fluency in their target languages. We have 1000s of hours of content and members have the ability to import content they find online into the system and translate words and phrases. The words and phrases being studied are then saved and learned through repeated exposure in future lesson and with review activities.

Mission Training International foreign_language

Omniglot: What’s the best way to study? (TONS of  links); More Materials; Omniglot book store  “The online Encyclopedia of Writing Systems and Languages”

100 Best Online Dictionaries (English dictionaries only)

Outline of Cultural Materials  (Human Relations Area Files site – at Yale)  “The Outline of Cultural Materials, first developed by G.P. Murdock in the 1940s, is an ethnographic classification system on human behavior, social life and customs, material culture, and human-ecological environments. In the past this indexing system was used in the paper and microfiche versions of the Collection of Ethnography and now the OCM subject thesaurus serves the eHRAF World Cultures and eHRAF Archaeology databases.  PDF file

OxfordPicture Dictionary (for purchase)  Arabic,     Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Farsi, French, Haitian,   Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Urdu, and     Vietnamese  
Rosetta Stone Language Programs
Strategic Languages and Cultures (formerly Russian Language Ministries)  (Columbia, South Carolina)
Summer Institute of Linguistics

The Internet Picture Dictionary

The Visual Dictionary
The Word Detective
Translate Languages @searchenginez List of online translation Web sites and downloadable translation software for several different languages.
Translation and drafting aids in the European Union languages “The European Union has 23 official languages, and it has to publish its legislation in all of them. It also has to communicate with the authorities and the public in the Member States in their languages. The translators in the EU institutions who make this possible work behind the scenes, but theirs is a vital and complex task. This page contains links to databases and guides to style and clear writing which you are free to use, as well as discussions of translation-related issues.” (HUGE portal of translation links/dictionaries./free services in all EU languagels)
Tyndale College  (Toronto, Canada) Short summer courses on Principles of Language Acquisition, and Culture and Language Learning, more.

University of Victoria Linguistics Department

The World Atlas of Language Structures (WALS) is a large database of structural (phonological, grammatical, lexical) properties of languages gathered from descriptive materials (such as reference grammars) by a team of 55 authors.

Your Dictionary  

Sites recommended at  (an amazing language learning page unfortunately no longer updated – do check out other sections on the archived page though)

General language learning sites:
How to learn any language  – Tips & advice on learning languages, information on different language, active forum. Essential resource.
Unilang – Community for language learners with free language courses, pronunciation & vocab guides, easy stories and more.
Omniglot – Guide on writing systems, articles, advice on learning languages etc.
Technique – Tips and tricks for learning languages on your own. (Note: Only available on Internet Archive)
Language learning advisor – Advice, tips, methods, resources, reviews and information on specific languages.
Language Learning Expertise – Reviews of language learning series & languages and advice for learning many languages from a multiple polyglot.
BBC Languages  – Courses for 7 languages, survival phrases in 36, a language newsletter, tips, stories and discussions on languages.
I Kinda Like Languages – Interactive courses for several languages and writing systems, from popular languages like German and Italian to rarer languages like Uzbek and Afrikaans. Courses can be freely created by registered members.

Language learning forums:
Unilang forum – Forum for general language discussion, specific languages, culture, world literature, translations etcs.
Omniglot forum – Forum for language learning, endangered & extinct languages, conlangs, writing systems and more.
Fluent in 3 months forum – New forum with subforums for sharing resources, finding conversation partners, discussions about specific languages, travelling, success stories, linguistics and more.
Word Reference forum – Another big forum for asking questions about meanings of words and sharing links.


Sites recommended at